questionswhat is the best way to find a vacation rental?


i signed up with vrbo one time and still receive emails from them every year which i thought i cancelled from. the listings have calendars you can choose from. i just went to one listing and it had a calendar for availability and the person's phone numbers. all without registering

i also tried using before but either had no replies or the person i reached was going out of town the weekend i wanted to "rent". i think the non replies are from people who didn't get any bites and stopped being involved

have you tried craigslist? i think you have to be extra careful but if they list a website with additional info and take paypal, you can try feeling them out. i've found room rentals & roommates before through CL with no issues. but i've also come across some shady vacation listings that seemed too good to be true. i.e. last minute for really cheap and nice pics in a popular place


@w00tgurl: I called someone on Craigslist for the last vacation, but she wanted me to send her a check ahead of time for the full rental. I was a little uncomfortable doing that, so I bolted. She seemed nice, but so do all really good con artists.


I personally would not rent from an owner directly. Do a search for rental properties in the area you wish to be and if possible deal with a reputable rental agent/property manager. A lot of timeshare owners rent out an unused week or two - you might find those on EBay. I think that is a safer bet than an individual piece of property from an individual owner. The timeshare properties, at least, have a management company and are professionally maintained.


I've gone the vrbo route. And it was a great experience! A little bit of effort but, the place itself, price, and check-in/check-out were all a positive in my book. I saved a ton of money verses going through a booking agent.


The best way to find a vacation rental is to sign up with a good agent who gives you the entire details about the vacant homes. Look for one that specializes in rental services like . Choose the one that gives you a good selection of rental flats or apartment at reasonable cost and quality services.