questionscan you taste the differences in water bottles?




Yes. Poland Spring bottled water has a distinct taste to it. I can tell the difference between it and the filtered waters. I can also tell the difference between it and other spring waters when I travel around the country, but I would be hard pressed to slap brand labels on them correctly in a blind taste test.

I'll bet the folks in the Poland Spring marketing department will claim that the difference in taste is because their water is filtered naturally in the mountains of Maine, and that the resulting mix of minerals creates a unique flavor.


I can taste the difference between different water brands but I always wondered if it had more to do with source/purification/bottling process. Then again, maybe its just the re-re-re-re-re-recycled plastics I'm tasting.


I can taste the impurities in any water. My favorite bottled water is Smartwater but I rarely buy it over the cheapest brand available. I have yet to find a bottled brand that is worse than unfiltered tap water.


I drink a lot of aquafina, not because it is the best tasting or purest, but simply put because it is less than $4.00 for a case of 30 bottles from Sam's Club. I actually prefer the taste of Dansani (coke's tap water) over aquafina, but I don't buy it as often. There is a natural spring that comes out of the side of the mountain down the road from my house, that stuff tastes fantastic. It has a lot to do with it being filtered through sandstone.

I worked for a water bottling company one year while going to school (summer meaningless job). They had three springs, one was wonderfully delicious water, the second was ok, and the third "spring" was the same water everyone in the local town got their tap water from. I can't remember the term, but no matter where the water came from, they put ozonination? in it and stirred the whole vat with something that looked like cardboard. It then went through another filtering system or two and then was botttled. You couldn't drink it for 24hrs



If you did drink it within 24 hours it made you kinda sick. When working the line in the summer and it was hot, we would always check the lines for the water that had sat for at least 24 hours. I don't know if this is true anymore, but it is what we did at the plant I worked at.

The stuff in five gallon jugs I never worked with, but it was so cold in there that we used to go in there during breaks to cool off in the summer. I always said if they moved me to that line I was bringing my hockey skates.


@ecriscit: I like Aquafina, but I have a 5 gallon water cooler and let the local people filter it. (I buy local filtered water). They do better then Kmart 5 gal water. imhop
I also like Brita filtered water.


I can always taste the plastic in Dasani.


@caffeine_dude: Make sure to check your bottled water spout periodically. They have been known to have some serious issues at various worksites, I don't know of issues at people's homes. I installed a water filter on the sink in my last house, but someone kept letting the water run and the filters had to keep being changed. Just a little turn of the filter and it goes from filtered to non filtered, but that must have been too hard.

@mtm2 - I have actually been trying to reduce my use of bottled water lately after I read about the chemical they put in the bottles to make them break down easier. It is just so convenient, when on the road, to stop somewhere and get a cold bottle of water, or have it on ice in the cooler. Various localities that I travel through, in my state and others, have various tasting waters. Some taste terrible. I have even tried the little water bottles with built in filter from brita or someone, but some of that water just can't be fixed.


freakin water snobs! lol I just get whatever is on sale. water tastes like water to me!


Well u see water is my favorite drink (dont judge lol) so yes i can taste a difference pretty easily. My favorite drink is Fiji due to its amazing taste and its honestly not too pricy. Tap water is just yuck, Voss is the worst water i have ever had... safeway or fredmeyer brand waters taste almost acidic and nasty.. smart water is great (not as good as Fiji) school water is disgusting.. Dasani is okay (not the best) Ozarka i have not tried .. Generally though spring water is my favorite, vapor distilled is good, plain filtered tap water is gross, and i dont even want to talk about school water (it really does belong in its own group NASTYYYY) XD I know i know... im picky lol XD