questionsdo you work on the weekends and have days off…


I have off on Mon. and Tues. and I like it. It is not my preferred days off during football season but I like having a day off during the week. My preference is Sunday and Monday during football season. Sunday because of football and Monday to recover from football on Sunday. When football is over I am happy with any 2 consecutive days off.


I am unfortunately working from 7 AM CST until 4:30 PM M-F, and I get a 7-1 every other Saturday. Not crazy about it, but it pays for this. :)


I have done both... but I prefer weekends off. There is more to do, and more importantly.. most of my friends/family are off weekends as well. It really sucks when you always have to miss get togethers.


I have never had a day off in my entire career as a veterinarian. I have never taken a vacation or a sick day. This is, of course, my choice as owner of the practice. I would consider any employer that inflicted my work schedule on an employee to be a sadistic SOB. Hmmm...Maybe I'm on on to something here.


I work one of every three Saturdays, and because I work part-time i have either one or two days off during the normal workweek. I really prefer working Saturdays and having mid-week days off, as it lets me do the usual sort of errands and doctor visits at more convenient times. I have little family in the area, and when we get together it's generally after work during the week anyway.


I have most Wednesdays and Sundays off... It has advantages and disadvantages... 2 consecutive days off would be great.. It is very hard to get rested or complete non-work projects with one day off every few days.. I highly recommend consecutive days off...
Not having weekends off means not being able to make events others take for granted but also being able to get things done when others are working...

I also work rotating shifts which complicates things, 3 nights and 2 days... Sometimes I don't know the day of the week but I know what shift I have to work...


I am 62 and my whole life I have worked weekends and holidays. 9-5 sounds kind of boring.


I've done both. The perfect option for me was to work til noon on Friday and then have Saturday & Sunday off. It meant some longer days Monday thru Thursday, but my employer was flexible, so getting in those hours was relatively easy and I think I actually got more done because it was quieter after 4pmish. I did that the last 6 years or so of working (recently retired) and I love the schedule.


I had Monday and Tuesday off when I started in IT years ago. It seemed unfair at first, but I found things I liked. Need to schedule someone to come to the house for something? Say ... bug guy or a technician of some kind? Yep, that was wonderful. Taking the car in for oil changes and repairs was nice as I could just chill in the lounge at the dealership. Then there was the added bonus that I never got asked to do something with the in-laws because.... I was working, yay!

Contrary to the above, I was bored as all hell working Saturday and Sunday. And, I always hated missing games on Sunday. Couple that with the fact that having my parents visit from out of town was just a complete mess.

If you are thinking of taking a job with that schedule and see that it could move to a standard shift down the road, think of it as a means to an end. Very long term or permanent, I'd have to say take a look at how it could impact family and friends and make the judgement there.