questionsfeature request: email me when a deal becomes…


Yesterday, I learned about

It will do what you want.

Set up the fresh deals RSS feed with a match as the this and an email or SMS to you as the that.

The above sentence will make sense once you know a bit about


here's the RSS feed for ”dumbells"

so if you subscribe to that in any RSS feed matching items should show up. I also highly recommend ifttt you can customize what happens when new items show up in this feed from tweets to facebook post to texts or emails.

to get an RSS feed to add just do a search then click on the grey RSS button at the top right of the search results and the url of that page is your feed link



Thanks. You just pointed out how to do something that I was looking for (search on deals posted by a specific user).


@baqui63: Glad I could help. Who are you going to stalk?



I am in the midst of a long term experiment to determine what is actually required to maintain my deals.woot rep.

So far, I've learned that posting deals and asking questions is not all that important. With no deals & only 1 question in the last month my rep stayed at 95-96% until 2 days ago, when it dropped to 93-94%. I do add content (comments & answers) EVERY day as well as vote daily and tattle occasionally.

So, to answer your question: OhCheri, at least initially, because I want to be able to vote early on her deals (they always go popular).


Just received my first dumbell deal. Bad thing is the deal doesn't work (no promo code, but I did receive an email from