questionswhy do people line up to pay full price for someā€¦


First Kid on the Block / Early Adopter Status


If you are a serious tech geek waiting that week will KILL you. Watching everyone else play with their new piece of tech and you have nothing makes you feel all empty inside.

That being said as much as I am looking forward to getting the new iPad, you will never catch me in line waiting with the masses. Those days are long over!

I have only ever waited in line once for an extended period of time and that was for the original X-Box. A few friends and I slept outside of Circuit City that night. It was a GREAT time and I will never forget it. Too many responsibilities to do that now though.


The only reason I would wait hours in line is if there was a limited supply released in stores before Christmas, then I would resell it online for big profit.


Apple stuff is a world to itself. First, the lines because the Apple fanboys are brain damaged, and have to have things NOW. What I can't figure out is how they have both the time to stand in line for days and the money to buy Apple products.

Second, Apple doesn't discount. Ever. Whatever price the iPad3 (or iPadHD, or iPoop, or iWhatever) comes out at, that is what it is going to sell at until it is remaindered. If you want an Apple product you might as well buy it now, because the price isn't going to come down.


The phone I have is 3 years old. I watch a tv that is at least 13 years old. My stereo is at least 15 years old. My cars are 6, 12, and 13 years old (all paid for). My house is 30+ years old (also paid for). Several of my friends who bought "new" houses are having major issues. My furniture ranges between 6 and 300 years old. The stuff that is 6 years old is falling apart. I will never buy technology that hasn't been tested for at least a year. I want to see those 1000 reviews. Then I'll decide if it's worth it.


I never understood that either. My friend actually stood in line to be part of the midnight release crowd to get Windows Vista on launch day.

He never made another mistake like that again.

Personally, I believe in older technology till the price gap fits. I don't need a $500 phone for checking my e-mail.


In other countries, not in the US, the technology that you have is a status symbol. It tells others where you sit in your society. In years past, this type of technology that is coming out then was only available to those in upper classes.

This new technology at cheap prices allows them to have the amenities of the upper class, thus there is a strong desire to have it as soon as possible.


because they're tards. plain and simple.


Because they don't know they could pre-order it online. No wait, shipped before it is released so you receive it on the day it is released. Problem solved.


@bogie21: i wouldn't exactly call $500 for the base model cheap though.


@carl669 You're looking at it wrong. It's only $500 for a gadget that typically only high society has access to.

In these types of societies where family standing is very important, a $500 investment to feel/look like you're in a higher class is absolutely worth it.

Americans have a difficult time understanding this because our society structure is completely different.


So they can hang out and pretend it's hipster woodstock?

How did the hipster burn his mouth?

He drank his coffee before it was cool.


It's much easier to laugh at people's struggles if you have already been through them before they got around to the new product.