questionshow should you fog for mosquitoes?


Fogging before you will use your backyard is probably the most effective thing, though I'm really just guessing here.

I think you'd probably need something like the ATMOS system from Doctor Who to put a real dent in the mosquito population.

Most commercial or governmental (? the correct word escapes me) spraying and fogging to reduce mosquitio populations use compounds that interfere with the mosquito eggs' ability to hatch or reproduce in the future or some such.


Have you heard of Mosquito Squad? We've been contemplating using their service. They offer a misting system; I'll attach a link for you to read. Link to Mosquito Squad’s Automatic Misting System. This system automatically releases a 30-second spray 2-4 times daily.


So... my point was, maybe you should fog more often, like the professionals do.


Fogging before you go outside helps somewhat. Mosquitos don't travel very far very fast, so if you nuke the surrounding area it should help.

As to reducing the total population: don't bother. It will make such a small change (unless your property is huge) it won't be noticible. They will move in from other areas fast enough to fill in whatever gap there might be. Also, the fogger doesn't kill eggs or larvae.