questionshas everyone stopped contributing as much?


I know I don't participate as much as I used to. Just don't like the way the site is being run compared to the way it was a year or two ago.


It's summer, so I don't have as much time to participate being I like to be outside, but I have noticed some people aren't around as much.

I did notice you weren't posting as much and was pleasantly surprised to see you answer my question earlier about cars :)


@kamikazeken: Too many crappy deals posted by owners of the sites the deals come from. Deals posted by people that have never made a purchase. It's hard to weed through all that junk to find good deals.

Besides, every time I try to post a deal, it gets stuck trying to find images. It sits there for hours trying to find one and never does. I reported this issue but received no response. Haven't been able to post even if I wanted to so I participate in discussions only now.


I've pretty much stopped posting deals. There's so much crap posted that any kind of decent deal has a high likelihood of being pushed so far down the list in an hour or two that it's seldom seen. The high number of junky, wholesale-oriented Chinese sites (dresses, lights, and geegaws, mostly) was becoming insurmountable, given my reduced time for browsing, but I notice their number seems to have decreased lately so I harbor hopes for improved future browsing.

I still participate on the ATC side almost as much as before, but time is tighter these days and I don't know how it will work out for me in the next few months.

All in all, for these and other reasons, it's just a less fun, less appealing place to shop and/or hang out.


Maybe there's been a decrease in production of quality contribution. If I posted 5 deals a day that never reached more than 3 votes each, it wouldn't help my triangular colorness (at least that's how I think the system works, to a degree).


I think I've noticed the decline as well. Heck, even @wootbot can't seem to get any good posts either.

Well, could be because everyone is on vacation right now.. or probably #ragequit in light of recent events.

Or maybe because there hasn't been much interesting deals on right now?

We'll definitely see more deals the closer we get to Black Friday.


Or maybe we don't feel as welcome anymore?

Deals being deleted just because its some days before the actual deal is active. What if someone likes to plan ahead, like myself?

Or why are we downvoting people just because we disagree with someone slightly.. wouldn't downvoting people mean because they are totally irrelevant to the topic? Right? Or just because a deal isn't supported in their area?

I'm such a modern day philosopher.


I'd say there's also a lot less deals to be had during summer. Just wait for us to get into fall and then close to Black Friday.


As a relatively new guy who's managed to stick around, I can tell you that the hivemind cool kid's club around here is really unappealing. There are certain players up at the top who get upvoted based on their name and not on their deals. Then we get deals for flatulence prevention on the front page. Hooray.


I have been a lot less active as well simply because of all the critics as well as the constantly changing of tags.

Like some one else stated good deals get pushed down so fast that you almost have to be searching for something specific.

Its almost a given day to day what will be on front page DVDs, Jump Drives/media storage, skimpy womens clothing, coupons & free apps/kindle book

I'm guilty of posting some of these but it seems some are voted for the sake of rep not quality of deal.


shrug I've certainly been less active. As nice as the community is, the whole Woot change has decreased my interest overall. I'm still around though.


Kicks sand...hey! I live in Florida. :-D Still pretty new here, but I've noticed a drop in participation. Will speak for myself (the one I know best): Am feeling disenfranchised. <---haven't heard that word since the last election. ;-)

Valid questions have been asked by myself & many others. No official answers. In fact, no acknowledgement of some questions, even if staff is paged. Deals & questions deleted - no reason why. Tags changed to eliminate Free deals from being viewed and voted to the top. FAQs promised over a month ago. They were put together by a fellow member, @lichme!

Not very welcoming here. At least to me. And, before you put me in my rightful place - Yes, I do know it's their site and they can do as they please. Further, I do not have a piano tied to my behind so I can leave at any time. Others have. Am beginning to understand why.


@gmwhit: I keep asking @gatzby about the FAQ, if that helps. It hasn't been forgotten!


@inkycatz: Funny you should say that, I just emailed @jumbowoot today asking for an update on that


@inkycatz: Ah, inky - none of this is directed at you! I know you kick questions, etc. upstairs. And I thank you very much for doing that. You can only do so much. Sadly, I do believe I see a piano tied to your behind, though. :-/


I stopped checking deals and the main site around the time the main site layout changed.
I don't care for that login screen popping up at me.
Most of the woots aren't really relevant to my interests anymore and the shirts aren't on AA blanks anymore.
My triangle is no longer black.
The woot properties are just kind of old hat to me now. :/


I'm doing a lot less, sans the last day or two. As far as I know the black triangle hasn't gone anywhere. I agree with the disenfranchised statement of @gmwhit. In my less sophisticated words, I'm feeling a little bit deflated about woot these days. Haven't added a deal in a month or so. I added a couple of questions in the last few days which are probably why I'm back up to 95. /meh

edit: Also worth mentioning I don't even look at the deals here anymore and haven't for months. Pretty much just pop in here now and then for the questions almost exclusively.


And now I'm curious about the tags (though I don't see the point in added a new question about it, it's been done before.) I get removing my lengthy tag about nothing. To change it to a simple "chat" tag, when we're discussing deals.woot itself seems lacking. Then, there is another post about BOC, and that gets a meta tag.



Not as much here, but I seem to be doing so more in spurts than anything else.


I took the past several months off of Woot and now that I'm back I started my posting sprees again. Thus far I've noticed that some of them get lost in all the other "deals" posted by sites trying to promote their sites. I have however seen that most of my deals have seen quite a bit of popularity from the community and have done well overall. I'm happy to be back with all you fantastic wooters but I have already seen the drop in overall activity by the community.


I know a lot of the more active user have been turned off greatly by the tags issue and the lack of any kind of acknowledgement. Even in a "less formal setting" staff members have kept quiet on the tags.

With that and other issues in the past few months it has created an overall feel of negativity in many of the questions and discussions. This wears out the mods and the members attitudes. Other members then become more outspoken with their negativity since its what they see and mods make replies that come off less playful and more with an edge because they are tired of the negativity. And then the cycle grows.

The tags completely changed the deals we see. Samples and trials that were loved are buried in favor of a DVD for $1 off of a popular movie, not even a great sale. People dont see what they enjoyed getting here and stop coming. New members fill in but post what they see, more DVDs. No comment and unhappy users mean less activity from the "old" members and feel changed.


@thumperchick: The reason you may be confused is the lack of consistency. Well, duh! <--- I have such a flair for the obvious.

I suggest you tattle on your own question and request the addition of the tag "meta." Won't solve much, but will put it in the search for all things meta.


@raider9924: As a long term wooter that does in fact post many dvd and bluray deals I must say that the ones I post are indeed good deals, many more than 1/2 off regular prices and they are usually very popular amongst the community. I would also like to say that many of those "free" deals were ones that much of the time were never honored by companies or would be posted so often and so early before their release that they became very annoying...just my opinion.


My activity level has definitely decreased as of late.... I know I'm not posting deals as often as I was before the redesign. I'm not spending as much time hunting down deals to post or to tattle on for that matter. But my biggest complaint has to do with "Ask the community" I have almost completely lost interest in this area of the site. There are too many "chat" type questions and not enough consumer-related questions/comments.
For example right now the top 5 questions are; this question, What ignites your curiosity to learn more?, What was your first car?, How often are you late to work?, How much coffee/tea do you drink at work? CHAT CHAT CHAT AND CHAT In my opinion only one of these actually pertains to this site or is productive...


@studerc: I did not intend to offend members that post good deals on DVD and Bluray sales. I have purchased many of them and appreciate a good sale on any product. My comment was directed at "old time favorites movies" that are on sale for $6.99 instead of its normal $7.99, that IMHO is not a great deal just a normal sale. I enjoy seeing deals for Blurays that are regularly prices at $25 for $10-15, those are good deals that I and many other members enjoy.

I have applied for many free deals and have received that vast majority, the only exception I can think of was for a pen. Maybe I have been lucky in selecting which free items to apply for but I have received many free items in my time here.


Well now that we're all being honest, I'm going to be more direct. Are all of the lingerie deals that make it to the front back actually good deals? You'll see that I had a good bit of a serial downvoting (which has since passed) out of frustration. I just can't believe that every. single. link. every. single. day. that certain people post are all good deals. I just can't, especially since there are several other vendors selling the same things that never seem to creep onto the front page.

See what I'm saying here?

I agree with raider -- if you want links to random old movies on amazon, or lingerie deals, or random novelties etc. then you're good to go.



I went from green to purple with little additional effort. I think overall activity may be declining a tad.


yup. I dropped down to purple by not doing anything for a couple months, then back to black just asking and answering a few questions. Surprised me to be honest.

Only deal I posted recently was a free one that got deleted.


@jimmyd103: You seem like a man that would enjoy DW.Chat. Did you know that we're having a meet tonight at 8PM woot time? Feel free to join us where we can chat.


@cowboydann: You are SO bad! Love your sense of humor. :-D

BTW: @jimmyd103 the chatting there is open...meaning honest. You might find it refreshing. I do.


@jimmyd103: I think that tying activity on the community side of the site to rank probably drives a lot of the sillier questions. Although I greatly enjoy all this chat chat chat and during the summer when I am not looking for deals these chat topics are why I come in here, I will also agree that they aren't really on-topic for the site. Given the proliferation of tabs on D.W anyway, perhaps there should be a "deals Community" and a "Chat Community". Although there is a lot of gray area in between, especially when a friendly conversation wanders off the subject as sometimes happens on the community side.


One of the reasons I participate less is the vindictive moderator(s) who finds one comment I make that may have pushed some imagined limit, and then proceeds to spend hours reviewing all my posts/comments, and deleting dozens of them. It's been going on again since this morning, with another comment just deleted from the die hard batteries deal in the last hour or so. There were several deleted early this morning, and then a few more around noon, and now the one on the sponsored battery deal. That's a span of about 6-8 hours someone has been reviewing all my posts.


This is the first comment I've made practically all summer. My participation will probably remain like this as I go into time to hunt for deals on the Interwebs!


I do what I can when I can. Having said that, my black triangle drops like a stone when I am inactive after having been active. I get indigestion from the rapid up and down!


I'm at my usual pace...1-2 deals posted per month. Activity on the ATC side is more heavily weighted, I think. @kamikazeken: Not saying that you're a troll, in any way, but you seem to be our replacement for iggz. The difference is that you speak your mind, andmake sense. I ♥ you for that!


@kamikazeken: I went through a woot phase where many of my posts were delete, or (more embarrassingly) changed to something ridiculous, intended to make me look like the ring-tailed noodle-loaf that I was.

I do feel for you, and think that they should let more things slide sometimes, but we have to remind ourselves that there are websites out there whose staff will tolerate almost nothing. Some would make this place look like a Cretan orgy.


I started by trying to post about 5 deals a week.
That fell to about 5 per month. Work and life got busy.
Now we're at about 2 real deals per month and 2-3 silly "deals" per month. See the Bucket of Cheese for a silly deal.

Honestly, I really just got a little bored with posting deals. The Mods had nothing to do with it. Questions and comments and answers are where it's at.


I've dialed back on participating and submitting, too. The compatability issues with tablets was a factor (I couldn't vote on comments), but now that it's fixed, I'm still not as active. Even before the tablet problem, I found I was not having as much fun here as I used to.


When we add a deal within 12 hours of it going live and it gets deleted, and then someone puts the same deal on later and it stays, we're pretty much done. So, the answer is yes. And, Wootazon is no longer in our top 10 sites, and falling.


Maybe it's just me, but 394 black and purple triangles is a demotivator. Heck, we can't ALL be that special....or can we?


@thumperchick: This is not the first time I've said "we" when posting. No, I am not 3 people, but my answer came from 3 people in the same abode. And, we all agree with what I posted previously. We are MisterRon, LoSparkz, and myself. I believe that should answer your question.


ive stopped long enough to let my triangle drop to purple... its just not run well anymore. its lost its original goal - ONE deal a day... also there seems to be less involvment from the staff, from long time users, and its just not as fun anymore.

Woot! to me just feels like meh. now...