questionschallenge: replacement cassette for my braun 7…


Do you mean the refills for the cleaner or the blades itself?


I just want to comment to follow this one... I'm also looking for the like, though mine's an 8 series.

@sgoman5674: I'm pretty sure that the OP, the great catbert himself, is looking for the cutting block and a foil. That's usually what Braun means when they use the term "cassette." Don't ask me why though - I have no idea :)


@catbertthegreat: These are the 2 providers that Braun recommends directly on their service site. It looks like they both charge around $40:

I couldn't find it cheaper anywhere else.

@arosiriak: Those 2 sites should also have replacement parts for your 8 series.

For what it's worth, I always just buy a new razor whenever the cartridge goes out...


@thefenst: Thanks...

I've only done a cursory search, really, but everything that I found was similar or more expensive than the first two here, as provided by @thefenst. The one deal that seemed to best them, though only marginally better, was Amazon:

Personally, that'd be my choice, especially with Prime's microwaves shipping.

I'll continue to keep an eye out. Hopefully someone can come in with the bazinga for you.


@sgoman5674: Yes, I was looking for the blades. Sorry I wasn't clear about that.

@thefenst: Congratualtions, your the winner! We'll almost. I'll probably pick up from Amazon, I couldn't find from them to begin with, but we'll see. Especially since had this: which is marginally cheaper than me going to Walmart everytime I need new refills for that cleaning system.

I subscribe to that get a new razor when the blades are worn, but for what this thing cost me plus the cartridges are in the 40s instead of the 70s, I feel it is worth just getting new blades.

@arosiriak: Thanks for the amazon link.


For what it's worth, I usually go one blade replacement, then a new shaver. By the time of the second replacement, the batteries are starting to get shot anyway. Although in my cheaper past, I've been known to open up the shaver and solder in new batteries...