questionsany suggestions on a good car starter?


What kind of starter?
You mean a Remote car starter?

Some areas have made devices like that illegal. Check before you buy.


His name is Ken and he's only available from 12am to 3am each night, and that's if you're in his neighborhood


If you have a new(er) car, or if it's under a warranty, make sure that having one installed won't void it... or a part of it. When we recently brought my wife's car in for something, they asked if we had one because it would void part of our warranty that dealt with the issue we were having.


@tpscan: Yes a remote starter. Really they have made them illegal? Do you know why?


@meow57: Yeah we have a guy around these parts but his name is Frank and has better hours of operation.


@eeekdageek: It depends on where you are located. Some cities and states make it illegal to leave your car running unoccupied for several reasons. Car theft is one reason. Second is a safety issue. Cars have been known to slip into gear.

If you live in an area where remote starters are legal, the best installer will probably be someone that does after-market car alarms or sound system installation. The process is not complicated, but you have to be careful with the electronics on newer cars. Since remote starters use RF signaling, you want to avoid injecting extra noise into the power circuit that also power the engine controller.

BestBuy and Pep Boys come to mind.


What kind of vehicle? The reason I ask is that if it's a newer Ford, the factory ones are very, very sharp and affordable. They are a plug-in module that fits behind the glove box and integrates with the dash hud. It allows you to control the rear defroster, heated seats, etc.

Otherwise, the Viper 2-way (starts around $300) that will let you know the car started after you push the button. Great so you don't have to go to the window of the office to verify.

As far as legality, I guess leaving your vehicle running unattended is illegal in some states. If the key is in the ignition, it's illegal in all as far as I know. But, some even say if it's started remotely. Crazy...