questionshow about that lance armstrong?


Did those yellow wristbands say "livestrong" or "livewrong"?


good for him. He's been tested more than any other athlete in history and come up clean time after time. He's retired and tired of dealing with the BS, I respect him for telling USADA to screw off. If yoou have any test results that prove he's dirty, share them with us, please.


I second the notion of just let the guy be. He's done test after test after test. From what I've read over the years he's put up with more flack than any other athlete out there. A couple dopers decided that implicating him as a doper would save their own hides, and as a result he and his family have gone through heck.


OK, my first response was a joke. It apparently failed (no pun intended). He won 7 of those races, and every one of the complaints are coming from people who are seeing the back of his yellow jersey. The man is a cancer survivor and has overcome it with style. Leave him be.


The world governing body of cycling, the International Cycling Union has even opposed the USADA's witch hunt, AND THEY, NOT USADA have the final word over international events. USADA says they have the power to strip Armstrong of his Tour de France wins, but they don't, they're the US anti-doping agency.


@jsimsace: the yellow wristbands say that you made a financial contribution to cancer research. Shame on you.


The Justice Department and/or the FBI investigated doping charges against him for around 2 years and found no reason to prosecute. I don't think the USADA can run a better investigation; they're just on a witch hunt.


This is yet another example of the power of bureaucracy. Once one of these groups sets its sights on you they are relentless and will not let go. They had no physical evidence against Lance Armstrong, but by leaning on others they managed to get alleged statements of implication. Basically they promised leniency to others if they implicated Armstrong. These gestapo tactics are akin to torture. Eventually the victim is worn down to the point that they give up and can admit to most anything. Resistance is futile.


The sport of cycling has been rife with doping for decades. I'm glad to see that officials are trying to weed out the cheaters. Is Lance a cheater? I have no idea. The fact that his titles were stripped does send a huge message to dopers.

I think anyone who is caught doping or using performance enhancing drugs needs to be stripped of their titles and banned from being in the Hall of Fame. This pains me because I am a diehard Yankees fan. Sorry A-Rod and Pettitte. You cheated. Boo on you. Not a fan of the asterisk.

Ryan Braun was the MVP last year. He got off on a technicality. Melky? Take back that All Star Game MVP award and ban him from the batting title AND add additional punishment for perpetrating a hoaxy website to cover his sorry cheating azz. Zero tolerance.

Pete Rose is looking like an angel compared to the roiders. Let Pete in the HOF.

Also? Skip Bayless? You're an a-hole looking for publicity at Derek Jeters expense. WTH dude? Just say no to booze ya boozehound.


The fact that Armstrong was stripped of his titles with zero evidence against him just points to a personal vendetta worthy of Javert. I'm glad he told them to pound sand.


@craigmar: he hasn't been stripped of all his titles. USADA does not have any authority to strip him of international wins.

Anyway, it's interesting to note that if his 7 tour wins are stripped, who are they going to name the winners in his place? every 2nd and 3rd place cyclist in those 7 races has already been found guilty of doping, as have many or nearly all of the 4th place finishers.