questionswhat are some good places to find an out of print…


I've bought quite a few out-of-print books (used) from:


Have you tried

They might have it. Post the title of the book, someone might be able to steer you in the right direction.


post the title and author.

i've been known to find books in the oddest places. my latest find was an out of print anthropology book that i finally located in a random book store in Japan.


@carl669: It's called "Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair With Jewelry"

ISBN is 0743236645

It's not terribly hard to find, I'm just trying to reach a balance between condition and price


@thedogma: what condition are you looking for? i found on in good condition for about $70:


Abe books has several copies, the least expensive of them being $60 plus $4 shipping:

I just recently started using this online site, recommended to me by a fellow D.W member. I have been very pleased with the availability of fairly obscure stuff, and the "want" feature saves me fro having to keep coming back to look.

And here it is on EBay for $50 plus $4 shipping.


@carl669: As best as possible for around that price. If the dust jacket is in decent condition (no tears/ serious wear) and there's no marks or highlighting in the book, I imagine my mom would be happy

EDIT: also, @moondrake: that ebay copy may be a winner. I emailed the seller asking for more specifics on the condition. Good find, thank you!


@thedogma: Sure thing. I never leave EBay out of a search grid. It's very often much cheaper than any other resource. I have 488 purchases there, and some of them were high volume stuff for my jewelry "business". I have only been unsatisfied twice with EBay transactions. You just have to do your due diligence as the buyer.


@moondrake: right on. I didn't give the "good" catergory too much attention when I looked, but that might just be a diamond in the rough. From the pictures it looks to be in pretty solid condition. So long as there are no hidden problems....but that's what contacting the seller is for


While Powell's doesn't have the particular book you are looking for, I'm adding the link to it for the sake of completion.

There's also the antiquarian booksellers association, which I often use.

That should be a choice of last resort, since the price may be non-trivial. They're still the most likely to have the truly obscure items.


@shrdlu: Beat me to it! I was going to suggest Powell's...


The most comprehensive book search engine I've found is Add-All. Currently they search 36 online book sites. Highly recommend them; have used this site for years. No ads there, no fuss, not fancy. Just an excellent source to find books. In the past you could tailor the results for you - i.e. low to high price. Hardbound only, signed, etc. Don't know if you can still do that.

An aside: Seldom add to my hardbound library anymore. Just saw today that Abebooks is a subsidiary of Amazon! Surprised me. I think that makes woot a 1st cousin. Or maybe a step-sibling. Or something. ;-)


The Strand Bookstore is a classic in NYC at 828 Broadway which is the coner of East 12 and Broadway. Can get a very good scan of their collection at and if you are in NYC visit it. Figure a full day and a good time searching thru their 'clearance' basement. If you are a bibliophile I can garentee you a wonderful time and an empty pocket. Being in the east village, you will want to do a walking tour.


Alibris and Abe Books make their money by taking a cut from the smaller individual booksellers who list there. If you find something you want on either of those sites, check to see if the actual bookseller has a website of their own. Often they'll list the same item at a lower price, because if they sell it directly they won't have to pay the middleman a cut.