questionshow does publisher's clearing house give away so…


It's not a scam. They're just a direct marketing company for magazines, which is how they make their money. The sweepstakes is real, and you don't have to buy anything to enter. They can afford to keep doing it because they sell a lot of magazines.


Hey there, deals.woot certified cynical jerk here :). While I appreciate your persistence in asking questions, you should probably pump the breaks a bit. From what I've seen, this NEVER works out well for the questioner. Not to mention, if this is an attempt to gain additional reputation, it's most certainly not going to turn out well. Quality over quantity. I sincerely hope you have a great rest of your night. Moving on :)


Obviously, they sell enough subscriptions/data/etc. to make enough money to give away.

It's no different than a lottery. Millions buy to fund the pool, but how many folks actually win?


@studerc: I thought about waiting to post this, but I've seen several commercials tonight. I would have forgotten otherwise, and it really does bother me. I'm thinking of leaving Woot over these stupid rep rules anyhow. At least the other deal sites I can go back to do profit sharing.


@studerc is on the ball, @liss. There ARE no hard and fast rules of reputation. Your actions are voted on by the other members. This includes comments you've made, deals posted AND questions asked.

Asking questions just because the little meters told you is wrong, wrong, wrong. It's flat out annoying for those trying to sort through the chaff & flares to find valid questions in search of real answers.

I'm not trying to harsh your mellow, but merely asking you to ignore the hints/prompts from the Rep-O-Meters until you have an honest to goodness question. Your reputation amongst the community members is something much more desirable than what the leaderboard will reflect. There have been PLENTY of annoying people who've made it up to the top, but who have been generally disliked.


@liss: If you want to go to other deal sites in order to get profit sharing, by all means, do what's best for you. Even though I've hated the reputation system for some time now, my love for the community (at least some of the community ;) ) has overall equaled it out. Just don't spoil this site for the rest of us with that kinda talk.


@studerc: Spoil? What was spoiled by my asking about PCH? If you choose not to believe me, that's your issue. I don't care that much about the stupid rep, but I'm getting frustrated with more and more of what used to be quite a nice online community.


@liss: You misunderstood :). Spoil is not in regards to your question. Spoil instead was in regards to your comment about leaving to go to another deals site for profit sharing. It honestly is unfortunate what has happened to this online community. I completely agree that back in the day this was a very amazing online community, unfortunately things change. I sincerely didn't mean to get "into your face" or anything about this issue, it truthfully wasn't my motive. It was just the combination of your prior questions, especially the one just before this one ;), that frustrated me. Obviously now, I can see that that wasn't your plan, but it has happened..a lot, in the past. My bad. Have a good night and I hope you will find a way to put your dislike of the reputation behind you and focus on the glimmer of shining goodness of the rest of the community!


It's a full moon. People are on edge. Have you really read the current questions and answers? Lots of craziness going on here.


There was too many words to read the whole argument but I personally believe that doing what the leaderboard tells you to increases your reputation. I listened to it for one week and got myself a little black triangle. I have lost it since then because I have a hard time finding deals to post that haven't already been posted.



Look at you, with your 99/100 rep and your badass demeanor.

You scare me..


@1298ty: You shouldn't be afraid of me, I'm completely harmless. My focus has never been on my reputation. Regardless of the number, my activity on this site will not change. I post good deals, I usually ask good questions, I tattle when necessary, I make both informative and pointless comments, and I dish out votes in accordance with my views. If the "almighty algorithm" chooses to grant me a 99/100 reputation so be it. If I came onto the site tomorrow and saw that I was a white triangle I would still continue to do my thing. That's why I stand by my stance that reputation has not and will not ever truly matter.

As for my bad"butt" ;) demeanor. What can I say. I suppose I'm not afraid to voice my opinions. As a good contributor and apparently with a lot of time on my hands, I find comfort in trying to help out the community if I can. I like to feel that at least some of my views are agreeable and respected by the community. Moving on :)


They are a SCAM back in mid 90's I received a letter from PCH stating that I won a Mercury Grand Marque . It was not in the letter , the catch ( IF YOU HAVE AND RETURN THE WINNING NUMBER ) Well the date came and went for the delivery . Upon contacting PCH their excuse was " THE STATE THAT I LIVED IN DID NOT PERMIT LOTTERIES . " Now promising a prize when they knew could not or would not delivery is a LIE . So what is a SCAM but faked promises .