questionswhy do they insist on turning on the ac when it…


It's because they haven't turned on the heat yet and the system must cycle to move the air and bring in more oxygen.

I love the excuse: We can't do anything, it's not controlled here.
What?!? How is our heat/ac NOT controlled here?!?!? I never understood it.


It's also because the office equipment (computers, copiers, monitors, hot air being expelled from your bosses' bodies) all produce heat and the A/C system has to be able to compensate for that.

I see you posted this only an hour ago so in the mornings it may be very cold so that it can compensate for the warmer temperatures of the afternoon.

Also in office buildings it has to circulate the air and these large systems aren't known for being especially.. even. The thermostat that controls it may be in a room with a lot of heat-producing equipment (i.e. your bosses' offices) and since the thermostat thinks it is warmer than it really is in most of the building every one else has to suffer.

Personally I like it cold like that.. but this is most likely because I'm used to working in an auto repair shop where we don't even have air conditioning. Working on a hot engine on a 105 degree day with a fan blowing 120 degree air on you isn't really much fun either!


The Prez of my company "likes the cool breeze" from leaving the backdoor slightly open. Unfortunately for me my cube is right by it so I get that "nice" freezing breeze and occasional whiffs of cigarettes from the smokers that stand right outside the door. And yes, I've brought it up to HR but since it's the owner of the company doing it they pretty much said: "Tough s**t". :(


Many years ago I complained to my manager about the (air conditioned) office being too cold. He asked me to get a thermometer for my desk and document the actual temperature at various times of the day for a week. Imagine my surprise when the actual measured temperature never got below 70 degrees F! I started wearing a sweater or light jacket and getting up and moving around every hour or so after that, and it seemed to help.


They figure it is better to have people throw more layers on vs. taking them off.


I am sitting here with a heater warming my feet and the building's a/c chilling my upper body. But some of my co-workers think it's hot in their offices. It seems like there's about a 10 degree comfort zone differential among different people. 80 is perfect for me but way too hot for others, 70 is freezing to me but pleasant for others. Adding extra layers doesn't help, once I get chilled I have trouble getting warm without an external heat source. Plus I hate trying to do desk work in long sleeves, much less a sweater or jacket. The little portable heater solves the problem for me.