questionsdid you miss the kitchen warfare apron the first…


Thank you for posting this question, I had missed the offering. I ordered 3 of the aprons and 3 additional shirts. The shirt has been the subject of many comments from people, especially those with anti-gun leanings. They are initially a bit indignant that I would be wearing a depiction of an assault weapon. When I ask them to look closer, they realize it is a-salt weapon.


nice! had a 5$ coupon burning a hole in my email!


Gave out 3 of the shirts to our apprentices. They were a great hit! One of the best designs ever. Now if only the design was in a lower corner of a bistro apron..... Bib aprons are not the most comfortable.


Nope. I bought 6 and gave them out as Christmas presents. They were loved by all, so take advantage of this limited re-issue.


Missed it both times. :(

I saw it this am, but was running late. Kept the tab up so I could order it as soon as I got back---but got stuck in surgery longer than expected. When I went to order it....poof...all gone.

More please??? I really NEED that apron. If I don't get one, I very well might not make it through my BIL's next deer-meat-athon.