questionscheap k-cups, free shipping? variety packs?


Bed Bath and Beyond has a 60 count variety pack for $29.99 (a little spendy) but they send coupons in their advertisements and that would bring the cost down.

This a build your own variety pack (once again kinda spendy, but cool) -


I use
You can get a sample pack of 5 cups for $2.30.
They gave me excellent customer service when my boxes of coffee exploded all over the ups truck. You can also get discount codes frequently at retailmenot.


ton of sample packs can be found at with free shipping

vote-for0vote-against has Variety Packs of K Cups also with coffee and tea!


I stopped buying locally. Found it easier to order online and get free shipping.
this place has 50 packs of the best flavors. its called
I have bought from them for 2 years and shipping is really fast by UPS. !! try it

vote-for0vote-against they sale 5 pack samples for 2.97 awesome price and you can mix and match, use code FFSHARE to get a deeper discount