questionswho is your favorite ninja turtle?


Donatello...I liked the bo staff and the tinkering.


Raphael. He's cool, but rude. And Michelangelo, he's a party dude!


Though Raph could be great in the show, I could never call him a favorite since he always had the shortest range in the video games...


The one in last night's soup. :)


Leo all the way.. I'm a natural born leader and thus he was my favorite since the very beginning. Raphael was my 2nd favorite though, then Donatello, then Michaelangelo


Michelangelo is the Chuck Norris of Ninja Turtles.

That being said get all your ninjin' needs from Diemon Dave.


I always liked Leo better, of course because he was the leader and the level headed one, but I always thought I was most like Raphael! I "identified" most with him as a child haha


Leonardo! He just seemed to be very self-aware and respectable. PLUS SWORDS, JEEZ, WHAT WERE THE OTHER TURTLES THINKING WITH THEIR WIMP WEAPONS.


Mikey! The turtle with the good 'tude. Plus he gets along well with all my screaming monkeys both at work and at home.


Cowabunga, dude!

Michaelangelo because he, like me, loves to pound back the pizza. He's lazy, loves to goof off, reads comic books and watches TV.


Michaelangelo! I didn't identify with him, as I was more of a Donatello type, personally, but Mikey was the fun one and I REALLY need some fun!


Leonardo. Agree with the swords comment.


Leonardo. He seemed like he was the level headed one that always took in each situation to find the perfect solution.


Don. Mostly because my older brother favored Leo, so I had to pick a different one.


Loved all the Ninja's but Splinter was my favorite character


Casey Jones. I know he isn't a turtle, but he's my favorite. I built a superhero role-playing character named Hijinks based on him, a street level vigilante that uses all manner of sporting goods as weapons and is full of smart remarks and New York attitude.