questions[challenge] find the cheapest "custom print…


I may have to order blanks and then do iron-on tbh.. Most sites are around $40-$50/ea if ordering less than 5.

But are they even worth it? Do they peel off easily? I just can't imagine there is good quality with them


I've stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago:

Not sure about pricing though..

To be honest.. I'd like to know if there are any others also.


@devexityspace: Iron-ons are much more cheaper.

You can buy bulk orders of iron-on sheets (roughly $1 each sheet) and shirts (around $5 for a decent brand and color) from eBay.

Plus it's WAY cheaper than what I paid from Office Depot and Michaels.

I'd get a few extras of both the paper and shirts to "get it right". Peeling it off kind of like peeling a bumper sticker off a car without getting the adhesive to rip off.

I'd also buy a lot of ink, which is also really cheap on eBay (and some reason lasts longer) but brandless. But hey, ink is ink.

The quality of it is the quality of your printer basically (make sure you dry it completely first) since it just "transfers" from sheet to shirt. Don't forget to invert the print horizontally!


Wait until the storm passes....there should be plenty of choices on the East Coast. I don't mean that in a bad way, but that there are lots of suppliers that will be working soon.


I found a heat press on Craigslist for $120 (16x20) and I think I am going to buy it.. I read a lot of bad reviews of Iron-ons (like quality).

And then I found a website: acetransco which makes the transfers a small order (12 transfers) cost $93.00. (or $7.75/ea)..

Then a Hanes Black Blank Hoodie for $21.95 (free shipping).. so if we order 12: $263.40

Total for all: $476.40 (39.70/ea Hoodie) <-- and this includes the heat press..

Without the press costs it is: $29.70/ea Hoodie. (and when we order large scale, it will drop in price even more):

Buying 1000 Transfers = $1100 ($1.10/ea). Which will bring the cost of each hoodie to: $23.05.

So this is probably our best bet.


If you have an image of the logo you can upload, you can get shirts done at Vistaprint for about $10 each. I am not sure if they do hoodies. I just ordered a bunch of stuff from there off a Groupon, and the shirts were $8.90 each as I recall. I had a shirt made with a photo on it and a couple of shirts with my own artwork on them. Bear in mind that you are not likely to see good results from putting a transfer onto a black surface, or any dark colored surface. It is best to go with embroidered logos if you are wanting a black shirt. Embroidered logos can be had at pretty good prices, but there's usually a set-up fee, and it can be quite pricey depending on the complexity of your image.


I just went and looked in my closet and the place where I had my embroidered merchandise made is Queensboro. Their prices are very reasonable, and I was quite satisfied with the results of my order.


Try There are no minimums and clothing options for men, women and kids.

Here's the men's page with unisex tees and hoodies:


@moondrake: I can vouch for these guys too. They also run a deal for new customers for a polo with a custom embroidered logo for only $3 and free shipping. Can't beat that, and I've been satissfied with quality and service so far for my stuff.
You can find the deal here: [referral removed]


This is the website that I prefer They do everything from scratch, you can submit your own size specs and you can choose pretty much every aspect of the shirts and hoodies.