questionsgirls: hoodie-footie pajamas. yes or no?


hahahaha oh man. no. I can't believe I missed this.';

I think that's enough internet for me today. goodnight folks.


@cowboydann: I asked my daughter, and my niece, and all three of us have about the same reaction. I prefer my daughter's comment best: "Why? Was his girlfriend bad?" My own first response was to suggest printing out the letters from Woot Central, and pretend one of those was the gift instead.

Then you can hit the local pawn shop, and come up with some bling to make up for it.



I'm in college, and a few of my female friends have gotten them and loved them. They are kind of a half joke, but they love batman and penguins...


If you live in a cold-winter climate (as implied by the gift of Snuggie), I would vote no. I had a set of pajamas like that in high school, and going from cozy in bed to cozy in pjs to pretty much nekkid just to pee in the middle of the night was NOT pleasant!


Definitely no IMO. The whole issue of needing to take them off to use the bathroom in the middle of the night is a deal breaker.


I agree with the rest -- the bathroom break is the killer.
Unless you can perfect the mystery known as female peeing standing up.


I like the idea, but not for $80 and definitely need to solve that bathroom issue - it's COLD here.


Hoodie-footies are for big boys, anyway. Go to and get some real nice ones (with dropseats too). For yourself.


Definitely need a trapdoor in the back...