questionswhat do you guys think about donut heads?


I like donuts, but my favorite is the French Cruller!


Before I read past the title, I thought it was actually about a new type of doughnut that I haven't heard of before, but now I'm just confused and a little bit dumbfounded. It looks like a weird car accident where the guy hit his head on the dashboard and it swelled really weird.

Also, this picture kinda cracks me up how the two guys seem to be just casually hanging out:


@captainsuperdawg: ROFLMAO.... ohh my god thats what I was thinking when I saw the picture from the link above.


Thank god back in my day it was just some funny looking "Disco" (yes I said disco, hey we all have our dark days...LOL) shirt/pants/shoes we would put to go out to the clubs. Wow how times have changed.


All I could say is WTF? Weird. Why would you do that? Nothing about that seems like a good idea. All I can think about when I see things like this are the people that gauged their ears too big and now have lassos at the bottom of their ears. Could you imagine someone having a flap of skin hanging over their eyes? Blech


If you punch them, does their face pop?


That's just not right. Is this supposed to be attractive? What are these people thinking? Oh...I get it, they're not.


nastyyyyy... i think kids were doing this a few years ago too. putting little horns on their foreheads with saline to look cool. it freaks me out more knowing the process than actually looking at the stuff


@sskarstad: Don't know, but you may be on to the next new trend. Foreheads with fist dents.


japanese people are crazy...