questionswho's your pick to win the world series?


My Detroit Tigers have this baby wrapped up.


The same as every year, my favorite team, the Yankees.

Let the downvotes and flaming arrows commence!


I like the Rangers, they have pitching to burn and a solid core, they can hit, and the extra pitching will be handy to trade if they need to pickup something along way. Just don't know if they can push past 2 WS losses to get to a third. So Glad the season is near.


I think the NY Giants will repeat.


Pittsburgh Pirates. I know I know.....but honestly...if any team were ever due to have a good season.....


Same vote every year, my team, the Yankees.


As always the St. Louis Cards. I don't care that we lost our biggest asset.


Cardinals v. Yankees in the Fall Classic. I want the Cardinals to win, but as we saw last year anything can happen.


@jeffrjohn, @raider9924
I admire your loyalty!

P.S. Love the Pirates ballpark.


Going with my healthy SF Giants! Losing Buster Posey last year sank them but they still have the pitching and a better offense this season now.

Already got my 2012 copy of MLB At Bat on my iPad and iPhone (one buy covers them both now!).


I would really love to be able to say my home town team, KC Royals would be there but who am I kidding. Still can root for the Cards though!


Looks like the Mets will have to trim their payroll a bit, so I wouldn't expect a big turnaround anytime soon.

You'll have to copy/paste the link. Yahoo News links never seem to work from here.


Yankees vs. Cubs

Yankees in 6. I'd prefer my all time favorite Cubbies win, but I'd love to see Mariano throw the series winning pitch for his last season.

Either way I'd be a winner. My two all time favorite sports teams :)


@wingnutzero: Just goes to show you the general intelligence level of football fans.

Baseball, the American past time. Now and forever!


Would love to see Red Sox win one more time! They have disappointed me so many, many times, but hope springs eternal.