questionswhere do you typically buy your phone accessories?


I get my phone accessories at the local swap meet/farmers/flea market. Only about 5% of the merchandise at this large flea market is used, most things are new. It's really a mall without walls. There are several vendors that sell every phone accessory you can think of new for the standard price of $5. Just this weekend I picked up a leather case and a charger for my new phone, $5 each. I buy my phones online, so I am not faced with the dilemma you have described.


I have been buying covers at Amazon, although I have also bought directly from the Incipio website because I like their brand. I would also go here for a car charger.

I know "they" say that screens are ultra-durable now and I shouldn't need a screen protector, but I'm paranoid so I continue to use them. I have been getting my screen protectors from this site:
They aren't the cheapest, but they are super clear, easy to apply, durable, and fairly smudge resistant (and easy to clean if you do get some smudges). I really like them!


I buy almost all my phone accessories on ebay. I can usually find new AC and car chargers for under $5 shipped.

When Verizon (and I assume other carriers)charge $20-$30 for a charger, it is not my responsibility to help a salesperson meet their quota.


I got my iPhone 4 cases from this store: They are pricey yet great with good quality, I bought two cases from the store, really cool. They fit my iPhone perfectly, I LOVE them, LOL.


I buy wholesale at they have all the wireless accessories for so cheap.