questionsdo you miss old time mini golf?


We've never had any actual themed mini-golf courses here -- just the standard Putt-Putt courses with orange rails.

I like them, but with the same 36 holes for the past 29 years, I've begun to grow tired of them. I prefer the big courses you see in a lot of tourist destinations.


Not hard to find around here (Chicago area) at all. Where do you live that designer themed mini golf is the norm?


Got a mix of both around here. But, if/when we've gone we end up going to the larger, newer, ones.


I haven't been mini-golfing in at least a decade, if not more; that sounds like so much fun! Thanks for the reminder; I'd love to go sometime.

Since I'm out of the loop, what do these designer/themed courses look like?

And who actually enjoys the windmill at a traditional mini-golf course?!?!?! :)


I've never enjoyed the funster kind of mini-golf; I'm more of a Putt-Putt kinda person. Haven't played in several years now, but we used to play a few times a month and enjoyed it.


I'm a fan of Goofy/Goony Golf with the course full of big dinosaurs, Dutch clock/windmills, and mini reflecting pools. Don't guess it would be a good idea to combine that with bar service, would it?


The courses near us are more the putt-putt variety with no real character. I too miss the windmill, loop-the-loop, lighthouse, and the 18th hole get-the-ball-in-the-clowns-nose.


I'm in the Detriot area. I take my Son to them all the time, he's totally hooked on mini golf. There are 8 outdoor mini-golf within 20minutes of me, and 2 different indoor ones.

It's hard to find ones that we don't know about, it just seems like we stumble upon them. Google has been pretty useless in locating them with terms like "mini golf" or "putt putt"


I haven't been mini golfing in forever... I wonder if there are any near me.


I was married on a themed miniature golf course. We bought a round for everyone attending the wedding and the other players on the course paused so we could get married and then we finished the round.