questionsnew feature idea: "bought". your thoughts?


It would be an interesting feature... maybe worth a test spin. However, I don't know what the feature would achieve exactly.


More to help pull out old deals lost in the pages. It appears that once a deal gets past a couple pages, it's gone for ever even though the deal itself isn't dead.

Also would give the user and idea of the actual purchase popularity and not the popularity of the item. (IE movies getting up-voted because people like the movie, not necessarily the price of said movie)


Just think - take it a step further and "bought" can be another measure of popularlity as it affects your triangle!


That's a pretty cool idea! As you said, it won't ever completely reflect the number of people that actually bought it, but I feel like it would reflect whether or not it's being bought on some level :)


@jsoko: Very true...but I often wonder what the little needles on the Dashboard are achieving, hehe


And definitely, make this new feature available only to the BLACK triangles because everyone knows what idiots the rest of the triangles are.

Yeah, right.


I like the idea. The Wooters already "say" it with the "in for one" lingo... why not save us the "in for one" post, and let us just say we went in for X of them with some button.

It would show not only what's a good deal, but are others (claiming they) actually purchased