questionsbonjour, je veux savoir quand le "happy feet 2…


Google translation:

Hello, I want to know when the "Happy Feet 2" is projected? And where is the trailer? thank you


The trailer is parked out back next to the motorhome.
This question and comments will no doubt be removed because English seems to be the official language of deals.woot.


Here are the release dates:

Hungary 17 November 2011
Russia 17 November 2011
Singapore 17 November 2011
Thailand 17 November 2011
Canada 18 November 2011
USA 18 November 2011
Belgium 23 November 2011
Netherlands 23 November 2011
Argentina 24 November 2011
Brazil 25 November 2011
Estonia 25 November 2011
Poland 25 November 2011
Armenia 2 December 2011
Finland 2 December 2011
Ireland 2 December 2011
Norway 2 December 2011
UK 2 December 2011
France 7 December 2011
Portugal 8 December 2011
Sweden 9 December 2011
Hong Kong 22 December 2011
Czech Republic 19 January 2012


Bonjour, vous semblez penser que c'est un site en langue française. il n'est pas.


c'est la vie mon amie ooh lala mon cheri ma cherie amour lovely as a summer day


lol at the people who down-voted it. You poor, poor sheltered souls.


@iggz: I down-voted because I told this user about two days ago that this is an English language site, yet here's another French language question.

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@chris12345: "Scamp." Very retro! I vote for "scamp" or "scallywag" (you are free to choose your favorite spelling variation, of course).


I stand (sit) corrected. The other foreign language questions were removed very soon after they were posted. Different day, different mod perhaps. In the end it doesn't matter.

Vinsamlegast ekki fjarlægja þetta. Takk.


@chris12345: Don't get your feelings hurt sissy boy

No one likes me? Ohhh noooooooooooessssssssss

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