questionswould you like a woot! gift card if they sold one?


It's probably too much to keep up with the logistics....card printing, balance available etc. Truth be told, I would much rather have an Amazon gift card in hand.


"It's called cash."

These are still pretty nifty looking, though it needs like about a bazillion more sub-sites now:


Hmm... considering they offer one thing everyday, it may be a while until what you want comes around.... or of course you may have to wait for a woot-off and then just hope you have the gift card number entered in before they sell out... lol


@jyoz22: Seriously? One item a day?? Have you looked at ALL the woot sites? All the Plus deals? The repetition is astounding. Sometimes they sell the same thing on the same day...on different woot sites. And...oops...they're a different price.

In answer to the OP's question: No. Really. Not interested, nor would anyone I know be.


Shirt vouchers. Sell those. Functions as a discount code.


@gmwhit: Hmm... I wasn't speaking literally. I was simply pointing out the limited product selection which varies upon availability and time-restrictions. I guess I figured it would be a quick way of explaining it.... guess not.


I would buy them for others to get people to see the awesomeness that is Woot!


Nope, I wouldn't want one. I have a hard enough time figuring out what to use my jumbo coupons on. Sadly, I've had a couple expire. :-/


I'm sure it's just a matter of time before Amazon Gift card will be allowed as payment on woot!
This isn't rocket science, woot! gift card could be made in less than a few hours, it's just a matter
of cost and effort.


Hell to the yes. I'd buy them for everybody.


Yes! Yes, yes, yes! A WORLD of yes!!!!


Can't find the post but a little bit ago Woot posted that it was issues with the logistics and the laws of each state regarding gift cards that was the big hangup. Just give cash, it is the best giftcard of all.


@wisenekt: You're right. It was on a question that I asked over a year ago as given by @Snapster himself.

Here's the link.

Although, now that Amazon seems to have more control than before, one would think you could use Amazon's here. One can hope that someday they'll see it as an opportunity to generate more woot business.