questionswould you use an oreo separator machine?


"No triple deckers"??? Have you not seen or tasted these:

I didn't know you had to choose between cookie and cream. I thought you took them apart, scraped the cream off with your teeth and ate it first, then finished with the plain cookie. No?


Quite an engineering feat, but I can't help but see all of the time and materials involved. I mean seriously, why not just use a butter knife?


There are now "mega stuffed" in the stores.


Am I the only one who doesn't pull apart their Oreos? I keep 'em whole, but then I'm also a dunker.


@lavikinga: I bet I'm drunker than you! said dunker. :::goes for another beer:::


@pitamuffin: Actually, I had not seen those, at least at the stores here in Michigan. Not a neapolitan fan myself, but these might be interesting for those who are. I have seen the single layer vanilla ones with just chocolate filling. For me, if it's vanilla, Hydrox did it better.


@pitamuffin: Please God, let them sell those in Georgia. (After Lent is over.)

@lavikinga: I eat them whole too, but I'm the only one in my family.


I will make it my life goal to destroy all machines that would alter or destroy oreos


@pitamuffin: the Triple doubles also come in the chocolate cookie variety, with the regular white cream on one side, and chocolate cream on the other


oreos are sold WITHOUT the creme in Japan, where the find it "too sweet"


I do not like the cream in Oreos. It's just too sweet for me. I separate my Oreos slowly so one side is perfectly clean (the key is to give the cookies a slight twist first to break the sugary seal), and then carefully peel off the cream from the other side in one solid piece.

This machine would be a godsend!

ETA I'm not Japanese, but I am Asian. We tend to find a lot of Western desserts/snacks too sweet. I also take the frosting and icing off from most cakes/cupcakes.


@bnbsouthworth: I agree,, Hydrox did it sooo much better!