questionswhat do you predict will happen to facebook…


I'm probably wrong, but I am with the "not" crowd. Of course, that means that it will skyrocket because I really suck at buying stocks. :(


I expect an early increase in price as everyone tries to jump on the bandwagon, followed by a massive slide as everyone who got in on the IPO sells and whistles all the way to the bank.

It's starting out way too high because of massive demand. Some people are going to get rich on the volatility, but anyone who tries to hang onto it for the long term is going to get burned.


I predict an enormous sucking sound, perhaps a loud "splat". Millions of investors crying out in terror and suddenly silenced.

Then again, after advising Mrs. durkzilla that Google was ridiculously overvalued at $100/share at their IPO and don't bother buying that crap, I have found myself locked out of my own brokerage account at the hands of Mrs. durkzilla, who declared me to be the "earner" and not the "investor" and "leave the money stuff to someone who knows what they're doing".


GM pulled all their ads from Facebook 2 days ago and making it public that the "click count" for the FB ads just wasn't there. It was anticipated other advertisers may pull out as well if the click count isn't what they expected.

As a FB user, I never click on the ads. FB makes their money on the advertisers and rely on the click count data to determine how many people are getting the advertiser information. We'll see what this GM exodus does to the big picture. I'm sure others have pulled as well, but it is not being discussed or reported.


I'm going to say slightly down, maybe $4. They'll probably go up and down during the day +4/-4, an $8 range. That's just my wild-ass guess, though. I'm starting to worry about another tech/.com bubble....


I think @samstag nailed it. A spike at first, but in the medium-to-long run, a slide. Some people will get rich if they time the volatility correctly, but I think the average investor here will get burnt.

But I'm no expert. I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.


My guess.. shoots up to above $80.. lots of people buy it at that price, then a bunch sell off to make the quick profit and it closes around $50.

I'm probably wrong, though :-)


Um. The real question is what will happen today to other stocks - Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. - that tech stock holders/mutual funds will dump in order to add Facebook to the portfolio. Savvy investors are likely waiting to see the price drop on these shares, hoping to buy them as they bottom out. It will be an interesting day on Wall Street. Fortunately, there's the weekend for everyone to relax and take stock (so to speak) of where they think the market will go on Monday.


@adadavis: I expect other tech stocks to go up since the facebook IPO will generate enthusiasm about the whole sector for a little while, and people not able to get the opening price on facebook will look for other stocks.


@kamikazeken: Maybe. But in the short run, it looks like there's a slight drop in tech stocks that may reverse itself as investors buy the stocks that have dropped (if only slightly) in price.


Bono will become the richest musician in the world.


well, since trading basically opened at $42 today, and closed at $38 & change, I'm going to say that I actually impressed myself with my prediction... Trading range was $38-$45, a $7 range, so my call there was pretty close too. Maybe there a future on wall st for me.