questionswhat is the male/female ratio here?


To quote a song..

"Dude looks like a lady"

I have really, really long hair...


The Easiest way to do this would be:
Vote Here for Male!


Vote here for Female!

Of course these results wont be fully accurate. But it might paint us a somewhat fuzzy picture,



It would appear that you voted for both (unless the two -1's were you zeroing the counters... except that I'd have presumed you qouldn't have zeroed the male counter...)

BTW- I'm an outie.


@baqui63: Me Zeroing doesn't count as a downvote.

Oh also I'm an innie


Being a statistics expert, this poll is biased. You will only include those people who read and answer questions. That could be more gender specific. For example, men might be more willing to answer this question than women (or vice versa). The exclusion population is too large to get a good sample size to make this a valid poll.



Er... I took "outie" to mean male and "innie" to mean female (for reasons that I shouldn't need to explain). :-)

For the record, I am male and my navel is an innie.



True, your zeroing wouldn't be a down vote. So that means some poor confused sod downvoted ... or maybe it's one of those iDevice people who cannot make their browser work with the new deals.woot site...


Bahahah! First time I'd heard the terms "outie" and "innie" used like that.
Outie here


@cowboydann: Yes, that would give a nice summary....and I did vote....but would not clarify gender for those who have sexually-ambiguous usernames. I still crack up at how many people think @ThunderThighs is a male, because to me that's a female name.

I am female, btw. (As Elaine would say, "I don't know how you guys walk around with those things down there.")


@reginafilangee: Please tell me that ThunderThighs is female. I truly do not know, but I have always thought the voice (expression, pacing, topic matter) struck me to be feminine. Consider me red-faced and apologetic if I am mistaken.


Innie in both definitions.


Interesting poll. I generally assume there are more men here than women. There was another question a while back - I think about how you got your username? - and it shed some light on the gender of many folks. I'm female.


@mkdr: My response to that may have been deceptive, as I generally use the names of roleplaying characters for my usernames. But although all my roleplaying characters are male, I am female.


@p2002: yes, @thunderthighs is a female, as is @inkycatz, and @pemberducky, and @agingdragqueen. as for the rest of the mods and staff that show their post around here i think most are male.

does it really make a difference? yes, i know genders of several of the users here but i don't treat them differently.

also it would depend on time of day. over in the chat room (which is tonight by the way) the guys are more active during the day (while at work) yet the ladies are more active in the evening .


I assumed everyone here was a hot female supermodel just looking for good deals. That's just the way my mind works. Obviously I am a male.


I don't know who gets true credit for creating this, but it is semi-appropriate nonetheless:

The internet: Where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are FBI agents.


@wnyx585am: You did forget the small subset of men who are actually women but use male usernames to help discourage harassment by the men who are men but also pigs/dogs/trolls/etc.

And, for the count, I'm female.


@gt0163c: That's really interesting. I would have never thought women would feel the need to do that. You learn something new every day...

So, what's your phone number?



I haven't changed in the last 2 months. Not that way anyway.


bonus points if you can go back through peoples comments and take something they've said out of context changing whichever gender they've claimed.


Ain't no doubt about it, I have a gentle sway to my back porch and I can hold up strapless dresses, hands free.


@pooflady: You're unfamiliar with the British term "poof" and what it means?


@magic cave: "You're unfamiliar with the British term "poof" and what it means?"

I considered going there but decided not to do so. :)


@p2002: Sorry if my wording was confusing: yes, she is least, that's the word on the streets. I've never personally checked her out, but she says she has boobiez.....


@wnyx585am: Well did you know??? I am indeed a hot supermodel, who greatly resembles how Jaclyn Smith looked back in her Charlie's Angels 70s TV series days. ;-)