questionswhat to do in las vegas?


Don't buy any ecstasy from a black guy named Doug. If you do, they'll likely be roofies and hijinks will likely ensue with you losing your father in law and searching for him when he was really on the roof of the hotel the whole time. Also, if you meet any small asian men, don't stuff them in the trunk of your car. Nothing good can come of it.


go buggy riding in the desert outside of LV, visit hoover dam, try gambling once, and use yelp to find a good restaurant.


Have a burger at In N'Out (unless you are already from the west coast and know how great these burgers are -- especially the fries). If you are a mustard fan, ask for your burger "mustard grilled" (secret menu item).

Breakfast buffets are a good investment (preferably a "Station" casino -- Palace Station, Boulder Station, Texas Station, etc). Dinners, stick to restaurants, ignore the tempting buffet offers.

Don't stick to the Strip and Fremont street, explore the more "local" areas. Casino to the west, Red Rock Casino (awesome food all around).

Stay away from North Las Vegas (it's the more ghetto section of the city)

If you stay at a hotel, don't feel shy about asking concierge desk for their recommendations and transportation to get to the more out-skirt places.

Most of all, ignore all the little mini flyers that get "snapped" to you on the Strip -- it's all for phone sex type things.


Owns a shoe store... You party animals you.
Just kidding.
There's plenty to do. You can race Nascar's, watch the dancing water at the Bellagio, or the volcano at the mirage. See a show (magic, terry fator, circus, whatever), shooting range, skydiving, there's even that one plane that makes it feel like you're in space. Plus much much more. As far as places to eat. I don't have a clue.


Re-enact Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas..



Anyway, catch some of the free shows like The Treasure Island Pirate Show, The Mirage Volcano (I think I remember seeing some Dolphins around there too) and the beautiful Bellagio fountain. At the Bellagio, you can also walk around their Botanical Garden for free. Some of the hotels, like the Venetian are just gorgeous to walk around, and that can take up an entire evening.

I just wanted to suggest the free stuff because on such short notice, getting tickets to some of the big shows might be difficult and/or expensive. But if you can, definitely try to catch a few shows or performers. All the Cirque Du Soleil shows (and various spin-offs) have been mind-blowing.

You could also...ahem...find ways to entertain yourselves in the bedroom.


Look up how to get to the Pinball Museum if you like pinball. We went a few years ago and it was outstanding. Also you should check out the secret car museum in the Imperial Palace. It's easier to find now but when I went there were no signs and you had to get in the elevator on the parking deck and stop at just the right floor. Figuring it out made me feel like Nick Fury or James Bond.

You can also walk the strip at night and see the shows out front. I second the pirates and the Bellagio fountain. There's a great aquarium in Mandalay Bay and there used to be a really great arcade in the Luxor where they'd test video games before they were released. There I found a roller coaster game where you designed a track, got in a little capsule, and rode it, except teenagers kept making the track a perfect circle and almost killing themselves with the shock of spinning, so they shut it down before the end of the week.


Each of the major casinos along the strip has free shows from animatronics shows to "inside rain fall"; animal shows to circus shows; indoor Mardi Gras "suspended" floats, etc. Just ask what's around. Some are free, some are not. And while themes and shows change, they do plenty of things to help draw folks in.

And by the way, with the exception of Main Street Station, all the Station casinos have great buffets all day long!


OH and be sure to visit the casino named Paris one night, because the roof is painted to look like a lovely day at about 4pm, and if you stay there for about an hour it'll trick your brain into thinking it's still day and when you walk back outside you'll get this weird feeling you won't ever repeat. There are also walking trees in the Venetian that I think were worth the trip to see.



Ellis Island has a steak, green beans, baked potato for cheap. If you drink root beer your drink is free. Not too bad of a place.


If you have any day times available, book a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. Incredible!


go for any of the cirque du soleil shows, my favorite is the original "Mystere", you can usually find 2-for-1 tickets online.

Check out hoover damn, it's a fun tour.

Go for a ride at the top of the stratosphere.

check out all the free sidewalk shows, volcano at mirage, ship battle at TI, fountains at bellagio, the free "show in the sky" at Rio.

Stay away from all the annoying timeshare/condo/travelclub presentations.

blue man group is a pretty amazing show too.

Go shopping and have lunch at the canals in the venitian.

check out gold & silver pawn shop of "pawn stars" fame.


This question is awesome, I would be asking this in about 2 months when I'll be buying my tickets to go this summer! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions, when I go I would be going potentially tight on money so its nice to see all the low-cost/free/non-gambling entertainment options :-D <3 deals.woot discussions :)


Blue Man Group is fun.

Amazing Johnathan (magician-comedian) is damn funny as long as you're ok with adult and some garish humor. Son & I loved it. Requires reservations I think. You can slip a bit to the seating host for a better seat.

Indoor Skydiving is by the convention center. Definitely reserve ahead of time.

Here's some free stuff to do:

The food at the Harley Davidson restaurant was fabulous when we went there last time but it has been years ago. It's near the M&M place if I recall.

Not sure of your age but it looks like Menopause The Musical is showing daily at the Luxor. That's one hilarious play.


Eat here:

Blue Man Group is fun ,but not for everyone. Jersey Boys is amazing:

Zipline down a street:


Fremont Street Experience, Pirate Show @ Treasure Island, Big Elvis @ Bill's Gamblin House, Volcano @ Mirage, Fountains @ Bellagio....all FREE! But my favorite is a dive bar called Stage door Casino behind Flamingo and Bills Gamblin House and across from Bally's Sports book....$1.50 Bud Lights or $2.50 for a beer and 1/2 lb hot dog. All drinks are cheap. Go with an open mind....I have met the most interesting people there. Always my first stop after checking into the Mirage. Also, Bare pool @ Mirage. Not free but worth it!!


X2 and agree with everything above commenter said except the pirate show. Its horrible... but the chicks and fireworks are nice

will add the -5 Ice bar, its in monte carlo, mandalay bay and i thing mgm now too


What hasn't been mentioned... there are tigers at the MGM Grand for a few hours each day (10-6, perhaps?), and MGM Grand also has a CSI game thing, if you like CSI.

If I were going back to Vegas, though, the one thing I would have to do without question is get some gnocchi from Bartolotta.


What isnt there to do in Vegas? I just went for the first time in December and there is so much to do. I will warn you, because its the off season, and cold, some attractions will not be open. When I was there, the Pirate show was closed for maintenance and a few other smaller things werent open/ But there is still a ton to do. Even if all you do is walk through all the hotels. Each one offers its own experience. And the Miracle Mile a lot of neat stuff in it too. Theres a really good, and cheap, steak and eggs breakfast offered at a restaurant at Miracle Mile at a place called Pampas. $5.95 for the breakfast, and I think $3.95 for a mimosa, which seemed like there was just enough OJ in it to turn it orange. Bang for your buck. Really what I guess Im trying to say is, just walk around, youll find something awesome.


@shelladair: Forgot about those. My son always loved going there. We were in the part of the exhibit where you walk under a glass tunnel and there may be a cat on top of you. This time there was and in a crowd full of people, I said loudly "Look son! It's a BOY kitty!" as it was quite obvious. My 10-year was quite used to me doing this type of thing so he rolled with it. The rest of the crowd laughed or chuckled nervously.


@captainsuperdawg: I came here to post almost the exact same advice. Great minds think alike!


Do NOT mix mile high margaritas with the moving walkways.


Thanks for all the suggestions. Lol, I guess that I should have said that fil = father in law and also that I'm pregnant so drinking is kinda out of the picture too. Sounds like we'll check out the volcano and fountains for sure and possibly hit up a show. I like the idea of just walking through the casinos and I want to see if that afternoon sky thing works on me. :) If there are any more ideas, I'd love to hear them!


@keysmad: Maybe zipline was a bad idea...


We have a timeshare in Vegas, so we have spent a bit of time there. My two top recommendations: See Cirque de Soleil's Ka at MGM Grand. It is an amazing show. Eat at Ellis Island in the Super 8 Motel and Casino. The decor of this off-the-strip joint leaves a lot to be desired but the food is fantastic and the prices are incredible. It's been a few years since we were there, but they had a special which was a good steak with salad, baked potato green vegetables and complimentary microbrewed beer or root beer for $8. For an extra buck they put a scoop of ice cream in the root beer. When we are in Vegas we eat half our meals there and the other half in fancy $50 a plate joints, and I generally am just as happy with my $8 meals at Ellis Island.


If you do pick a place to eat, I'd recommend using to get a good deal. A few months ago when I went with the wife, we ate at Fleur and another place for less than half price. That way if you're on a budget, you can upgrade the restaurant you visit without killing your wallet.