questionswas paintball a fad?


it's called growing up and finding a life.
sorry, but the reality is few ever keep doing as adults what they did as kids. but hey, now you get to do other things you couldn't do then.


For me, paintball was really big in high school. I never owned a gun, but my brother and I did know some people with extra guns that we would play with.
I will say that I much preferred the large, wooded arenas we played on to the small, open (with lots of barrels and other structures) of the speedball arenas. Speedball is where everything seemed to shift to as I got older. Didn't really appeal to me; too much paint needed, and higher-tech guns vastly outperforming folks with basic guns.
I really enjoyed going out to the woods, finding a place to hide and ambush someone, or sneaking up on someone to take them out. Things were just too expensive for me to spend my money on.


The people you played with as a kid are still playing... laying in wait until you have your guard down. Then, when you go to give a PowerPoint presentation to the board...BAM.


I have 2 Tippman 98's that have not been used in a while. I took my son last year, him vs me.... This is the perfect time of year again!

If you think about PB it really has no chance in today's society. (I am amazed it ever caught on.) Break PB into it's parts:

Sarcasm implied.
Outside, if that is not bad enough it is played in the woods with snakes and bugs, it is too hot/cold.
It hurts to get shot!
Less then mature people who are indestructible with paint ball guns = disaster.
Do you really want your 15yr old going into the woods with a 30yr old?
The internet had some cases of people dying from it. (Same with cars but we still drive cars now)
Scheduling nightmare!
The cost of paint balls is high.
In my area we were technically trespassing or our other site the state park people did not like the idea of us PB in their park.
I might get dirty.


I think all the people who used to play paintball (and the younger folks that would have back in the day) now sit indoors and play FPS/RPGs/some other form of gaming. Sad, but mostly true.


@tsfisch: ehh, i sort of agree, but i also think the same gamers liked paintball for the "real life" experience, but didn't quite feel bold enough to join the military.


i've got a friend who still plays and probably has more camo and tactical gear than an army base


I love paintball!!! but I don't have time or money to play it (getting married in a couple months)


Paintball would still be popular around here (South Florida), but all the fields used for playing were closed to build more homes about 5-6 years ago. Of course, the homes ended up not being built, due to the housing crash, but all the land is gone.


I know plenty of adults that still play. I have my old X-Valve modded Automag hiding in the garage somewhere, but I don't play anymore. Life happens and priorities change. If I'm going out on an adventure now, it's hiking, backpacking, kayaking, biking. Not paintball. Nothing wrong with it, I'd still play given the chance - just not as much opportunity for me.


A few of us in the office went in on this when it was on Kickstarter:

I really enjoyed paintball when I was younger, but I don't have a whole lot of time now. Still have a ridiculous scar on my arm!


I think Airsoft has taken the place of paintball for the most part. It's quite a bit cheaper when you factor in the cost of the ammunition. Too bad the woods are littered with millions of tiny plastic balls instead of biodegradable paint splatters.


Paintball always seemed fun to me, but too expensive to really get into...
I actually have done air soft fights before using low velocity weapons (though one guy point-blank shot me with a pistol and I got a horrible welt).


@agingdragqueen: So cool O_O ... but how well does it work? Uses sound to communicate??


@agingdragqueen: woot needs to put one of those in my next BOC! =P

Paintball isn't as big as it use to be when I was in high school and before around here but we still have a field you can pay to go play in that's usually fairly busy. But for finding my old friends who I use to play with to play now is impossible. But usually if I want a game I can go out to the field and play.

It's not as cool as woodsball but hitting the inflatable things do make an interesting sound! =3 lol.

@doxlee If your looking for a game you might want to look around and see if you have any professional places to play like that. IE: just type into google your town name and paintball. If you live in a town that doesn't have one try a near by city if there's any near you.


@jertyrael: supposedly? I have no idea! And some little wire that attaches to the trigger. It was $35 off the Kickstarter and a pretty awesome idea, we figured it was a decent investment!


I used to play all the time even play competitively for a few years till I tore my ACL and meniscus playing baseball. I have play once since then but I do miss playing


@zuiquan: I just happened to have a bag of BBs sitting on my desk, and the bag says they are biodegradable. so they do make them.

I have to agree that airsoft has taken over. You get more of a military type feel to the games and ammo is dirt cheap. Plus the weapon variety. A friend of mine has a lot of weapons, most of them full size replicas of the actual weapons.

Airsoft is a little more dangerous though. We've had a few injuries. Nothing serious but we've had blood drawn from a too close shot, a few welts, even a broken tooth (I bought a full paintball mask after I saw that one happen). Still fun.


Definitely a fad.

Live rounds, however, have been still going strong for a long time now.

It was a "fad" for you, me and many others. As long as little boys dream of playing with guns and playing war, there will always be paintball.

I played, sunk a lot of my mom's money into it then grew tired of it after high school. I detest public fields because of the outright cheaters and weekend warriors, not to mention the plethora of kids with ridiculously overpowered electronic markers now. I have no problem playing with a private group that rents their markers (but of course I'll bring my old original Automag RT).


You can play paintball on your Xbox now...

'nuf said.


The legality change a lot of the aspects of the game. Here locally, you get kids who shoot up things that shouldn't be shot and thus viewed as vandalism. Because of the "vandalism and littering), outlaw ball or woodsball is restricted to only a few specific fields that are... less than ideal. This, more than anything else, killed the sport in our area.

This includes BLM (Public)lands


I started playing in 1991 and am still a fan of the game. My knees can't handle it anymore so I traded in my gear for a camera. IMHO Electronic markers and the "spray and pray" mentality that has evolved have destroyed the game I used to love.


@moosezilla: I'm 27 and still occasionally play paintball! Woo!

I don't own a gun or equipment or anything, though. If there's a group of friends playing, I'll join in.


I quit because of the price. Those paintballs were expensive if you didn't want them breaking in your loader or barrel. Autococker 2000 wat wat!

I would love to get back into it but my marker is probably very out of shape and I am lacking appropriate gear now.


Simple answer is, it stopped being fun.

When we would just get together and play, we used pump guns and 200 balls would last you all day long. It was all about sneaking up on your friends and shooting them before they saw you.

It got harder to find free places to play, so we tried going to pay fields. The problem with the pay fields was you couldn't control who you played with.

We were suddenly hopelessly outgunned. We couldn't compete when half the players were rocking $1000 guns and burning through 400 rounds in a single round. A few of us tried to upgrade to compete, but it was a different game. It all came down to who could throw the most paint and it just stopped being fun.

So we stopped.


Is paintball a fad? No way!

Believe it or not paintball actually is growing as a sport, but its growing as well as changing. I play competitively up here in the PNW where the sport is a bit on a comeback after a decline. I've talked to some of the older guys who have been in the sport much longer than I and they always tell me that paintball is constantly expanding and contracting. It contracted heavily with the recession but as the economy gets stronger you see a lot of more people getting back into the sport.

Cost is definitely the biggest factor from keeping people in the sport. Unfortunately there is a lot of overhead involved with owning a field which keeps the field fees high, and not enough volume of paint is used to allow the field owners to lower their margins on cases of paint.

I play heavily almost every weekend I can in the Seattle area and you will find me at most of the major tournaments in the area. I'm happy to answer any questions for anyone looking to know more!


@shavelikeaman: That's pretty much the exact way I felt about things. The first time I played was with a pump gun; 3 on 3 in like 15-20 acres. It was great just trying to even find someone to shoot at, then getting close enough to get a shot off before they ran away into the great oblivion.


Like any high dollar sport, it will get its label by either type of person. Those that CAN afford it and those that CANT. Either because of job or family or your a poor high school student because you are lazy and dont get a job, etc.

Many sports have the similar problem that paintball does. Snowboarding, Skiing, Kayaking, mountain climbing, kite boarding, auto / kart racing... hell even golf.

Cheap set of golf clubs - under $200
Cheap paintball set up - under $200

people who take golf serious clubs and equipment - $1000+++
people who take paintball serious marker and equipment - $1000+++

Cost of round of golf - $40 - (a number you really dont know to know.)
cost of day playing paintball $40 - (how fast do you pull the trigger)

Paintball is obviously not a fad, with the NCPA, NATIONAL Colligate sponsorship and competition, new target markers for kids to play in the back yard... But just like any sport, it depends on how serious YOU take it.