questionswhat is your opinion of facebook/twitter boc's…


This is good feedback! I'll see if we can make them more exciting if/when, though you're right that Facebook and Twitter have limitations in the chat functionality that has been fostered in our forums here.


I prefer the Wootoff BoC's much much more to the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google + ones for a few reasons:
1. There are people without Facebook pages or any of the other things who might have no clue whatsoever if a BoC is being offered.
2. Facebook deals are against the rules here for the exact same reason I listed in #1. It just seems to be a wee bit hypocritical IMO.
3. The Wootoff BoC actually gives people something to look forward to in the Wootoffs. I rarely ever check the Wootoff page when there is one anymore, because I'm not likely to stumble on a Bag of Crap.
4. It seems like this is just one big way to get more customers. Now I'm not against expanding customer bases, but it seems to be at the expense of alienating some other Woot members and that's not a good thing.


I like the facebook and twitter ones for improved chance of scoring said bag o' awesome. But there's nothing quite as exciting as hitting f5 and seeing a bag asking to be bought. So, I'm torn.


Not a fan, but I spend little time on the social media sites. However, I think I fall outside the norm, so I bow to popular opinion.

I do want to tell @agingdragqueen she does a great job maintaining them. Kudos!


My favorite of the recent offerings was the wootoff that scattered the listings throughout. I am OK with the facebook and twitter listings even though I am not a member of either site. I am not excluded from the links and it goes around the trackers and programs that "help". It also adds another layer of mystery to the mix. Earlier offerings seemed a bit predictable. I would be interested in seeing the site hit changes from the changes. I bet the twitter and facebook skyrocketed recently!


I'd love to tell you.....but I haven't been able to get a BOC in almost 2 years.....


I'm with @captainsuperdawg, myself. Although I don't personally care about Bags of Crap, I feel that the attention of the population for Woot is already being fractured enough without sending them off to hither and yon. It almost seems mean, really. It devalues the very people who are still loyal, and interested in what's going on, and contributing.

Please no more Facebook/Twitter stuff (brought to you by the letter F and the number 7).

P.S. Capn, sorry for bailing on the conversation, but I'm just boringly old fashioned. Maybe I'll show up later.


I haven't gotten one in quite a while either. Usually it's that I'm not logged in or just miss it completely.

Distributing them to things like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or Pinterest just makes it harder for me ;) but is probably a good thing too. At least until the various services are monitored automatically, and the requisite information is mined, and made available much as the various "woot trackers" are want to do.

I think this particular arms race is ultimately lost for the users not willing to invest the time in checking whatever information distribution mechanisms are chosen. And maybe that's okay from your perspective. I know I'm a little disappointed, but c'est la vie.


I have been lucky enough to get BoCs in multiple ways. My #1 most favorite one is when you get a random woot box with crap in it and a nice letter.

But, either way I enjoy them both. I have had great success getting links into the hands of some first time BoCers with the random fb/twitter. It makes me feel good to be able to Help others get BOCs. But, I also like the woot off ones that become available at random times because it brings excitement to the wootoff


I still haven't scored the Sack of Dookie, but I have made it to the Antechamber of Doom many times (before it was officially named that BTW). I prefer the woot-off BOC. I can't follow Facebook at work; I have no interest in Twintrest or Pitter or LOLGLE+, so unless a VIP link shows up in my email or on Deals.Woot, I have no chance at all now.
I haz sadz.


I scored one on Twitter last week, so I can't really complain about the use of social media sites for BOCs. It does seem to make things a bit easier on the servers and I suspect that some folks managed to snag a BOC who had never been able to get one before. However, I really liked the scatter BOCs on the regular Woot site during a WootOff. It seemed an especially great marketing strategy as it kept me glued to the WootOff for two solid days, even though I REALLY don't need more carp!

That said, it wasn't nearly as much fun following the BOC posts for the social media offerings. And does anyone get letters in their BOCs anymore? I don't believe I've seen anyone post that they got a letter in a looooong time!


@captainsuperdawg has it right. Why would you ask your loyal followers to go to another site for a prize? I just don't get it. Literally.


@captainsuperdawg: I'm with you all the way. I don't have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a google+ (whatever that is) nor a Pinterest account. And I never will.

I spent perhaps 10 minutes total on this last woot-off -- and I was off work both days! I'd glance at the current offering for a few seconds then go back to whatever I was doing around the house. In days gone by, I tended to park myself at the computer so I could watch the woot-off items and home to score a BOC.

As a member of the ATC community and a moderately spendy deals.woot buyer, I feel fairly abused by a management decision to move the BOC offers to social media. I understand the "needs of business" concept, but it's an action that effectively shuts me out. I drop by more or less daily, vote on questions and/or comments and add some comments of my own, and occasionally ask a question, but I'm not doing much buying and I haven't posted a deal in quite a while. The place just isn't as interesting these days.


@captainsuperdawg: +1 for this. Agreed and agreed and agreed.


When I see one posted on Facebook, there is no longer the thrill of excitement, there is only the question of how many hours ago was that.


The question for woot is, where does woot WANT people to be? On facebook, pinterest and twitter, or on a WOOT site?

If you take something that draws people to the wootoff and put it somewhere else, then it is no longer drawing people to the wootoff. I don't see how that is a plus for Woot's bottom line.

I can see the value in having more BOCcasions in addition to WOs, but not in moving them.


I would prefer any BOC that I can actually get. Have never obtained one.
Other than that I'm a purist and the woot-off BOCs were the original and can never be replaced.


I'm not sure I understand the change. Why move them to social media sites? I don't have any social media accounts so, personally, it sucks for me. But outside of selfishness, I just don't understand the business move.


I think it sucks, plain & simple.


Yep, it sucks. But I don't think OUR opinions count anymore.


I will jump on the @captainsuperdawg: bandwagon for this one too. He couldn't be more right. I absolutely HATE social networking sites and belong to none of them. So I am at a complete loss when those BoC's pop up.

Never thought about the double standard. Now I am aggravated! Alright, its Friday and I am over it but it is still aggravating!