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I'm a peripheral member of the local SCA group. My best friend is an active member. I am a founding member of Amtgard, a foam weapons fantasy group that started in 1983 and spread to many cities across the US. I've got pretty much all the awards and titles you can get in Amtgard and helped to write the rulebook, which has been translated into eight or ten other languages, including Croatian. It's cool to know something I wrote was considered valuable enough for people to spend their time translating it. I still occasionally participate in Amtgard, but I have so many things on my plate that it's really hard to make room for it in my life anymore. But it gave me a lot of things in my youth, not the least of which was physical and emotional self-confidence. I wouldn't be so good at public speaking, which is an important part of my job, if I hadn't done so much of it in my roles at court. I cut my teeth as an artist in Amtgard arts contests. And I learned to have fun "fighting".


I do civil war reenactment with a local group. Ive been to Gettysburg,New Market and Cedar Creek to name a few.