questionsdo you go to the movies by yourself?


No. If I want to watch a movie by myself I have an enormous movie collection at home with a 65" TV and surround sound. The snacks are a lot cheaper, and I can pause when I want to use the restroom. Plus my dog and cat are allowed in. I love seeing movies in the theater, and my friend(s) and I see at least one a week. But I haven't ever gone to a theater alone.


Yes. I have no problem going alone. Doesn't bother me.
Sometimes I want to see something in theaters that my friends/family don't.


No, never. My husband does it all the time, though.


@wickedd365: Exactly! If there's something I really want to see in the theater, I'll go. Doesn't happen often though.


Absolutely. I don't go to the movies too often, but this year a little more than 1/2 of the movies I saw I went to alone. I don't like to have to depend on someone else showing up on time or bailing on me if I already got tickets.

I like to sit where I want to sit and not have to worry about getting there early enough for two seats together. And often when I see movies, it's a spur-of-the-moment thing where I'll just go.

That being said, it's fun to see movies with friends, too. But there's no shame in seeing a movie alone. Nobody is looking at you or judging you, and if they are. . . well, you're there to see a movie, not make new friends.


I don't mind going alone. Sometimes I just feel like going out and doing something on my own, without having to worry about making sure that the other person wants to do the same thing, or if they want to go at the same time.


I like going alone as well. I worked at a small, family-owned theater back in the day, and the boss was amazing. We could go to any movie any day we weren't working (plus free snacks). That got me started going alone! Sadly, that closed.

Now I usually go to the theater with my boyfriend or one of my best friends. They are both great at movies, just watching & eating, and we discuss afterwards. I'm spoiled, because my kids are also great movie-goers, so when I go with a less awesome person I'm a bit impatient.


I would love to see a movie alone, but the people with cell phones and loud kids will not allow this.


@caffeine_dude: You usually have to wait 3 or 4 weeks after the movie is released before you get a good chance of seeing a movie that alone. Even then you might have to go during the week in the middle of the day.


Yes, I went to the $2 carmike theater alone about once a week in college. One of the only places I could actually be by myself. No room mates, suitemates, studymates, or girlfriends. And they didn't care if I brought in lunch from cookout :-)


Sure do! But I live in walking distance of the theater, AND the theater serves alcohol. It's sort of like going to the bar at the same time.


I honestly like going with a person. Whether it's my best buds, a group from work, or just with my family. I just like the company... I also like to drool over the previews and to talk about the movie when it's over. Having somebody with me helps me look less insane :P


I don't mind going by myself; it makes post-movie-review conversations much simpler.


I started going by myself in college when there was a movie I wanted to see and no one else did. I love movies and don't mind going alone, but prefer company for sure. There are some movies that my husband doesn't care to see, but I don't want to miss in the theater and I can't always fit into my friends' schedule. And every once in a while if I am out and about I might just stop by the theater and sneak in a flick as a treat.