questionsdo you like cats? help me get to 2nd place in theā€¦


Hey I like cats!

Oh, you meant cat shirts. No. No I don't.


@lotsofgoats: That's definitely a valid distinction in taste preferences. As it turns out, you don't actually have to like cats to buy the shirt, nor do you even have to like CAT-SHIRTS!! :-D

(It probably helps if you do like cats and/or cat-shirts, though.)


Who are you?

I do not like them Sam, I Am. I do not like them on a shirt, I do not like them in a skirt. I will not have them in my house, I will not have them with a mouse. I do not want them in my chair, I do now want them anywhere.

Except maybe if they're slow cooked and served in a good sauce. Then I might like them.


The Goat shirt was speaking to me. I love Cats, and no disrespect to @Thunderthighs Wookie shirt, but I HAD TO HAVE the Goats! AND I want y'all to know that I was a shirt.woot Virgin until this morning...the Goats had THAT MUCH POWER. Plus @ceagee got me all pumped up and enthusiastic about the contest - so unlike me.


That shirt makes me want to kill myself. I'll vote for it just based on that :)


hmmm... now all I can do is be sad, because my name isn't @assbutts

there goes my day ._.


But cats make me sneeze....

Will this shirt make me sneeze twice or four times?


Will it come with this logo on the tag instead of the normal "shirt.woot" tag?


@arismela : At least you finally had the good sense to come over to suck up to the deals crowd. For that alone you get a gold star.
I go against the vocal majority on this thread and say I like cats. I like some tastefully done cat shirts. Your shirt is actually ok.
It looks like your "mews" >> scroll down the posts to see.
{Credit where credit is due: @arismela came up with her own "solid pun" .}

I already bought the Wookie shirt.( of course ! ) Will have to mull over another purchase. Bribes accepted !


@narfcake: this makes me unspeakably sad



@ceagee: I do have an "in" with some of the mods. And by "in," I mean I sometimes eat their snacks and play with the tchotchkes on their desks.


You and the bran chick are hot! If I buy your shirt will I get a personal visit? I swear I won't wear your skin.


Awesome shirt. I believe this is an actual image of the first sucker.


great news guys! @arismella will go on a "skype date" with the guy or gal who buys the most cats shirts!
how awesome is that?!


I won but my wife said to stop hitting on chicks on the internet


@pemberducky: what's a guy gotta do to get a skypedate with pemberducky? :3