questionsdo you ever forget what you were about to search…


i comment a lot that hey, we need to google that and then forget until the next time we are in that same situation!
thanks for the reminder


Absolutely. I also forget what I am looking for in a room or drawer I am searching. Returning to the scene of the original thought will oftentimes recover it for me. I refer to the affliction as "CRS: Can't Remember S@#t"


Are you kidding? I'd forget my own name if it wasn't written on the tags of all my clothes... six plus concussions will do that to you...


Yes I find that...that...ohh I, ahh sometimes...sometimes...don't...hmm... darn it! What the heck was the question???


I find myself getting side tracked on something that catches my eye...maybe I have adult ADD????


To give a serious answer, yes that has happened to me a number of times. I'll be doing something and I will remember I need to look something up online (something that has nothing to do with what I am doing at the time). When I finish doing the task at hand I'll remember I wanted to look something up but I won't be able to remember what the heck it was.


Funny question to see here, especially right after I get back from leading my monthly ADHD support group meeting. Need a referral?

I have the same problem with the interwebs that I had with dictionaries and encyclopedias when I was a kid: there's just so much information out there to read! Distraction is to be expected online, even without an ADHD diagnosis. As I was jet telling the folks at my meeting today, you can never....... SQUIRREL!!


Yes! I am distracted ALL THE TIME. Whether it's on the computer or at home. I take a positive spin on it though, being distracted on line is more efficient than being distracted at home. ;P