questionshave you heard about halloween in november for…


Seems silly that he would think everything will be better by the weekend. From the pictures I have seen, cleanup will take weeks, not just a few days. Not sure about the power situation but I would think that should be resolved first before you have kids coming up demanding candy. Just cancel the thing and move on, individual neighborhoods can work on something if they want.


Cancel Halloween? Now that's really terrifying! I think maybe it would be a good idea to keep kids off the streets, which may be dangerous, by increasing the number and scope of the community parties usually held at churches and community centers.


I think it was a prudent choice to postpone the revelry until more people are in a better position. It gives people something to look forward to that's simple to do. It also keeps kids out of dangerous areas tonight.

And I really don't get the whole, "kids demanding candy" thing. They don't come up with this idea on their own. We, as a society teach them to dress up and celebrate by visiting their neighbors, who in turn, give them candy. They don't just walk up to people and "demand" anything.


In these parts we had our Independence Day fireworks show 2 weeks ago because of the dry summer. That makes me think that a postponed Halloween celebration isn't a terrible idea, but I think another week or two would be better.


Even Oregon, Ohio was delayed until Saturday. No idea why. I thought it was weird. NJ I can see. Ohio? Not so much.