questionswhere would you sell some bag of crap items?

Both are fairly easy to do. Amazon has much higher fees, but can be listed forever.


How about donating to Salvation Army, or the like, and take a tax deduction instead? It can save a lot of hassle...


I always keep a box for Goodwill or Salvation army and quite a lot of my BOC items end up in that box and donated.


Yep, same here. I plan on giving my crap contents away (and I already gave most of them away) all throughout parts of my family and friends.

Ugh, I hate Amazon listings too.. such a rip off, lol. They only cover part of shipping which was like less than half the amount needed to ship!


I sold the Galaxy Tab cover from my last BOC on Craigslist, for $10, less the $8.66 (BoC, shipping, tax). $1.34 profit. Everything else went to Salvation Army.


When donating items, please consider shelters for victims of domestic violence, especially items appropriate for children. Many families arrive at shelters with little besides the clothing that they're wearing; items such as kids' books and toys are in short supply at shelters because few think to donate them. For kids who have been torn away from part of their family, their things, and likely even their school and friends, toys/books can make a big difference. In addition, many shelters help rehome families and appreciate donations of home furnishings (not just things like a kitchen table and chairs, but things like dishes too). Not sure a foot flush is at the top of the list, but might be appreciated. :)

(I'm aware that not all victims of domestic violence are women, but I chose to use "women" in this post to reflect the current reality that most shelters only accept women, as problematic as that is for male victims of domestic violence who have fewer options for safe shelter.)


i have a white elephant box going for a christmas party exchange. it's what i do with all the "free after rebate" stuff i get that i have no use for.