questionsanyone know of a good deal on a quality stand…


I'd like to know as well. My wife's seems to be on it's last legs.


I just bought the Kitchenaid I've spoken of before. Since I got it from BB&B, I was able to use a 20% off coupon, which knocked it down from $299 to $239 (I've been wanting it for ages). I don't think you'll find special sales on them. I thought I'd asked a question about it, but I can't find it.

Oh, dummy me. I was avoiding asking questions, so I used @theflounder. Here it is, in all its helpful and full of useful commentary glory.

This is what I just brought home. (note that it's a mere $296 on Amazon, and I've NEVER seen it priced at the $349 they show as list price on Amazon.

Sometimes things are worth the money you pay for them.


Kitchen Aid FTW. Keep an eye on Deals.Woot and amazon. There are frequent sales, especially on refurbished models. I bought. a refurb Professional $ four years ago and have been exceptionally happy.


Yeah, another vote for KitchenAide. When I made the cookies this year, I tried running my Sunbeam at the same time as the KitchenAide to cut down on work time and I came to the conclusion the Sunbeam would be good for making mashed potatoes. The KitchenAide blew it out of the water.

I got mine at Kohl's a few years ago. They've got lots of cool colors, I went with basic black.


The KitchenAid Artisan series is what I would go for - I think they have 30ish colors in it. Amazon or Bed, Bath, & Beyond (with a coupon) would be your best bet. The Artisan series actually out-reviews the more powerful Pro series. The lower power mixers actually mix at a higher speed and handle up to 8 cups of flour with no problem. Even the cheaper Classic series is recommended by many over the Pro or Artisan (but the Classic only comes in white). Either way, you can't go wrong.


I saw a fairly nice kitchenAid at a TJ Maxx for 200 bucks had a hard time not buying it, but my roommate already owns one. I can tell you it mixes well but not much else.


One more vote for KitchenAid. Also keep your eyes on HSN and/or QVC; they occasionally run sales.


Kitchen Aid, and we were selling them at CostCo for $189, with a $40 mail-in rebate. Keep in mind, the Kitchen Aid is not the end all of stand mixers, but it is very nice. For example, the front half of the case is pretty much a dedicated greasebox full of gears. If you overtax or underuse your mixer, the grease may separate and drip out. Same thing when you just get the new mixer ... could have sat in a warehouse long, gotten turned upside down, etc. etc.

The Kitchen Aid is a machine, full of grease, gears, and all sorts of moving parts. It will work for you, but it is not magical as most people who buy them seem to think.

Most common maladies:
1. Grease drip
2. Stripping the nylon gear they put in there that is meant to fail to prevent damage to the majority of the components, and
3. Worn out motor brushes, which are extremely simple to replace, that fail to transfer a charge to the motor and prevent it from running smoothly or at all
4. Working it too hard (dough)