questionswhat's the deal with sears?


Yeah, seriously. What is the deal with Sears?

The short answer is... they broke the web.

The long answer is... every request made to a product page on responds with an HTTP 302 redirect to that then returns an HTTP 200 containing an HTML form that is automatically posted by JavaScript that then takes you to the product page you eventually requested.

Why do they do this? I'm sure they have a perfectly legimate technical reason. But it seems easier to me to serve up web pages by rolling a metal ball into a series of dominos that knocks a hammer onto a seesaw that startles a chicken on the other end who flies threw ring of fire... well, you get the idea.

We've actually been working on supporting their Rube Goldberg machine. We already have some special case code for that is able to find the URL where you land at the end of the maze... but for now you have to enter all the details of the deal by hand.


@shawnmiller: claps Great explanation! Very entertaining :)


@jumbowoot: thanks.
@shawnmiller: thanks as well; makes no sense why they do that. i like the domino theory...for sears it fits!


Sooo, avoid posting Sears deals because they are a PITA?


@faughtey: No, don't avoid posting Sears deals. I'm sure there's some great stuff on, it's just going to take us a little longer to get their content to function like the majority of online stores in our "add a deal" form.