questionsare there really cheap tablets?


If you're only willing to spend $40, you will inevitably sacrifice quality. If you just want to "try one out," maybe borrow one from a friend, then if you decide you like it then spend a little more?

In my experience, you need to spend at least $100 to get any kind of serviceable tablet, and around $150 to get something decent. Once you get to $200 pretty good tablets are available. Anything I've seen cheaper than $100 are basically wastes of money.


I would not get a tablet for $40. Whatever your needs are, a $40 tablet will not meet any of them.

I'm completely serious. $40 tablets are a waste of your time, and your time is more valuable than what you'd invest in that hunk of junk to get any sort of functionality out of it, and even what you get out of it will be wildly questionable. I'd suggest waiting until you have more money to spend.


$40 tablet?

Have you considered the Etch-A-Sketch?


@stile99: I tried one of those but it has a really, really old version of android. I did like the shake to turn off feature, though.


Your cheapest bet is to wait for the iView to go on sale again at Newegg.
It's an Android ICS unit for about $70.

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