questionsabout to travel to israel for a couple weeks from…


A - if you're afraid of it getting stolen, leave it behind. just take the phone and get a prepaid sim card when you get there. if you've got an old laptop, use that instead of the ipad. in the philippines, we took my wife's old laptop. if it got stolen, no big loss for us.

B - not sure about Israel, but when we went to the Philippines, we took about $2000 and converted it as needed over there. the little kiosks in the tourist shopping centers actually gave really good exchange rates.

C - if you know what local time (for Israel) you'll be landing, try to adjust your sleeping on the plane to match. people have also suggested melatonin, but i don't have experience with that.


Jet lag: Bring some melatonin. If you experience an inability to sleep at night, take the dosage on the bottle an hour before you plan on going to bed. Melatonin is a chemical released by your brain when there is an absence of sunlight, and it signals the cascade of sleep-time hormones. In general humans naturally require one day per hour of time shift to adjust. Sorry Toss, that's the only one I can answer...


everytime i have ever gone anywhere/done anything i've wished i would have experienced the thing more. leave most of the electronics at home take an old school cell phone (where they might feel sorry for you and give you thiers) that you can call on, and a low/med end digital camera with several memory cards. you won't regret having the feeling you took in all you could, you might regret missing something because you "had" to be online.


Excellent answers above mine. I think it's a general consesus to avoid drinking any water unless it's bottled.


I haven't been to Israel since 1996, but I don't recall theft being a big problem. and I'm pretty sure you can exchange money at the airport there (at least I did, in Tel Aviv) for the going rate.


I was in Israel for about two weeks back in January. It was a really great trip.
I left my Macbook at home instead opting to take my iPod touch for games and internet access and iPod classic for movies and music. And I was fine. I was a part of a tour and they kept us busy all day long. In the evenings, when there was downtime, I read or wrote in my journal.

For money, everywhere we went took American dollars although change was given in shekels. Some shops even ran credit cards in dollars so there wasn't a transaction fee. I withdrew some shekels from the ATM at the hotel as well. If you plan on using credit or debit cards just make sure you call them and let them know you're traveling so that they don't put a hold on your account for possible fraud.

I didn't have much trouble with jetlag. I took Tylenol PM on the plane (both ways) and slept a good portion of the flight. When we arrived, I stayed up until roughly bed time, took another Tylenol PM and slept through to morning. Cont.


I tried not to nap and was mostly successful each day. Caffeine in the morning and afternoon helped too. With those steps, I didn't really have trouble with jet lag. Or maybe it was just that after adjusting to working nights a couple of times and doing a trip to India a few years back (basically complete swapping my sleep schedule) the 8 hour time difference just didn't seem like a big deal.

One other thing is that we were told to not drink the tap water when we were in Tiberias. Our guide said that most of the year it's fine but at other times there are issues. She didn't elaborate more than that. I used the hot water pot in the room to boil water to fill my water bottles each evening and had along a filtering water bottle (one of the H2OToGo ones I got off Woot a while back) and didn't have any problems. My roommate just drank the water and was fine. Our guide said there wasn't a problem in Jerusalem and I drank the tap water without any issues.

Enjoy your trip!