questionsif you've turned back to records, what kind of…


Get the best quality turntable you can find. I have a Luxman that I have kept since new in '80. You should be able to find a used high-end turntable for a good price now that many people have stopped using vinyl. Look in shops that have used audio gear - most of them will not have junk stuff since there is so much out there to pick from. You can also try online and eBay. A Google search for 'used hifi gear' returned a lot of results. Make sure you get a good cartridge/needle combo with the table also. The idea is to keep whatever vinyl you have in the best possible shape, because every playing degrades the disc a tiny bit.


there can be only one.

technics SL1200 MKII is the only table I'll over own. Or maybe a 1210...

It's also a good idea to balance the tonearm properly so as to not put excessive pressure on the record through the stylus.


Yep, we still have our Technics turntable.