questionsif you leave your phone at home, do you go backā€¦


Usually I would go back for it. I usually notice within about 45 minutes of the house. If I figure it out by the time I cross over into Florida (about 6 hours), then I'll have to survive without.


Since I use my phone as an MP3 player in the car forgetting it just means a short walk back into the house to pick it up.


Four hours pushes me way over my limit.

I would turn back if I was a maximum of 30 minutes in. If it's more than that, I just wouldn't bother. Then again, I don't have kids.


Assuming that by "died" you mean "needed recharging", I carry a charger in my vehicle for just such "emergencies". To answer your question, no I don't go back. Technology is available most everywhere, and my phone isn't that critical.


If I needed a phone and it would cost me 8 hours of the trip to go back and get it, or a charger? It's happened. I stopped at an electronics store and bought a super cheap phone, and had my number assigned to the new SIM. When I got home, I tossed that phone in a drawer and had my phone re-activated. Cheaper than blowing 2 tanks of fuel.


@jsimsace: No I mean it actually died. Car charger fried it. I turned back to my sister's to stay another night. Went and bought one of those quick use phones at WalMart and started out again the next morning.


Yes, I carry two phones and will immediately return home should I forget either one.


@thumperchick: I went to the AT&T store and met the most uninterested and unhelpful "customer service" guy. Got nowhere without renewing my contract. Then I learned about those quick use phones. I didn't know I could get those and use my existng SIM. And I couldn't go shopping around with the trailer. Now I know I can go to WalMart with their huge parking lot. Live and learn!

But on a regular day I won't bother to go back, unless maybe I'm not yet out of the driveway.