questionswhat are you grilling today?


Sirloin Pork chops and cabbage on the grill. Never grilled cabbage before, but it sounds good. Will cut into wedges and put oil, salt, and pepper on it. Afraid the wedges might break up so they might go on skewers.


Just going w/ a turkey cheeseburger and some summer squash -- cut in half,make a little indentation down the middle. Brush w/ a little olive oil, sprinkle on parm cheese and whatever fresh herbs I grab from the garden. Zuke and eggplant cooks well like that too.

The star of the meal will not be on the grill : fresh local strawberries. I've been gorging on them the past couple weeks. Exceptional crop this year. I froze a bunch too.
Will maybe serve them w/ ice cream or just whipped cream or plain. All of the above is probably most likely !

Pouring rain here, so picnic is inside.

Back to the grill --I have been getting some amazing wild caught salmon the past 2 weeks. Put a little honey dijon marinade on it, wrap in foil. Melts in the mouth. We do fish on Fridays. Hoping they will have some in again this week. Landlocked here, so it's a treat when we can get it.


We're not doing any grilling this year. The Spouse had a tooth extraction earlier this week, and it's still uncomfortable for him to chew.

Sirloin pork chops (I fear I'll never get used to using beef terms for pork) and turkey burgers and fresh strawberries sound absolutely wonderful!

Happy Fourth, everyone!


Yesterday for lunch I grilled a dozen fresh oysters in the shell. 10 or 12 minutes on a good hot grill, open them up, a squeeze of lemon and a drop of Tobasco and yum!

Today it will probably be brats and burgers.


@magic cave: Ouch! Hope he feels better. @turbinator42: Never thought about grilling an oysters.


@turbinator42: Oh, wow! Never occurred to me to grill oysters. I usually just do them raw on the half shell. I'll have to put this on my to-try-in-the-future list.

@mattysc: Thank you -- I'll tell you said so!


Bratwurst, and hot dogs for the little savages. Did burgers the other day, so wasn't feeling particularly inclined to cook them again.


My neighbors to find out where they are getting the illegal fireworks.


I didn't get to do any grilling on the 4th, but this weekend I'll be grilling up veggie burgers, zucchini, asparagus, and pineapple!


@meh3884: yummm.... I love pineapple on the grill.


@meh3884: Pineapple does sound really good. I will have to try that one.