questionsof those of us who did go to the post office…


I went during my lunchbreak (not for taxes, just regular daily mail) and it wasn't as bad as I expected. Parking lot fairly full, but I did not see much of a line at the counter.


The madhouse usually starts near closing time. In the past, some post offices stayed open late on tax day. With their budget problems, I don't know if they'll do that this year.


@cebooher3: In this area we quit the late night stuff several years ago.


Our main post office stays open till midnight on tax day. I think also on Christmas eve or whatever is the big mailing day for Christmas. But I am in a pretty big city (750K population).


Only 1 post office is open till 10:00 pm in the Cleveland area today. With e-file there isn't that mad rush as much. I stopped in the local branch early this morning to mail some packages but there was only 1 other person in there.


@btalarczyk and @moondrake Interesting the some places still have the late hours. I work in a small town a few miles from a larger city. The city main branch used to have a party type theme for tax day but around 5 years ago it stopped. We were told that not many people took advantage of the late hours and they could come during regular business hours. It was billed as a cost cutting move. There were many unhappy, surprised people that first year!


@3PM the post office I visited to pick up mail was very busy but still normal for a Monday.


A family member was running errands, and kindly offered to take mine in. So it was a breeze for me !
They didn't say anything, and weren't gone long, so I don't think it was bad here. (small city ~18,000)