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For soup - now I haven't tried this brand, they were rec. by Skinny In The City and

okay it KIND of fits your needs. It was the first brand I thought of.

and there is always the standard in plasticware!tw$shop.p_category?pv_ic_code=6000&pn_page=2


@hobbit: oooh, I like the soup container. I might just try that. I did take a look at tupperware prior to posting but didn't see how I could make the colors work like I needed them to.


The challenge was matching color for lid and container.
Here are some color matched items. They are not insulated. They are just kitchen plastics.


Those items tend to have a color for a specific size, rather than a set of a single color. I figured that you could wander around the site from the starting point I provided. The company was Lamarlé. I thought that they might be using old Tupperware molds. When I became aware of them the bottoms were the normal translucent plastic and the lids may have been all the same color. They were secure and burpable. Your requirement for color matching could be very difficult.


@hobbit: Thank you you found something I didn't even know existed or that I needed until now - that salad apparatus is awesome, and I am getting the divided thingie for fruits, kid likes fruit but not when it's touching.


@erikadyscern: I found what you were looking for. Although you may have to wait until they restock them on QVC. But it is EXACTLY what you wanted.


@hobbit: Thanks! You are right. They are perfect. I never did buy these so I think these will be a purchase soon. (I just got back from vacation so I think I will let a credit card cycle pass.)

BTW, at noon I will be enjoying a salad in my portable salad shaker. I love that thing!