questionspre-med/med majors: should i get a laptop…


For a single device, you'll probably be best off with a laptop. Tablets are still a bit weak and desktops are most likely unneeded extra features (at a given price point).

Given a combo platter, a laptop and a tablet. (I'm not an apple fanboy, so I'd go with an Android tablet, but I won't think badly of you if you go for an iPad.)


As a pre-med, I have all of them. I never know what I am going to need from class to class.


I would say a laptop because of the portability you will need. It's a little better than a tablet because you have a disc drive. Congrats on your path in life, and best wishes!


Are you a traditional-age student, just graduated from high school and moving away from home for college? I ask because, if so, you may not have a good idea yet of your study habits or how you will best study/work/learn once you get to college. In high school, I typically studied at home, but when I got to college (living in a dorm, away from home), I realized that I worked best in a library.

My main suggestion is: wait a little bit before investing in too much in order to see what works for you. What worked for me in graduate school: a very portable laptop combined with a monitor, mouse, and full-size keyboard at home/dorm. I'd also highly recommend a comfortable office chair; don't ignore the ergonomics of your workspace. :)


@neuropsychosocial: I think I'm going to do a take on your integration of desktop/laptop for the office/school. Thanks!

Thank you to all of you for the help! I will be back for questions again so please keep an eye out lol.