questionswhat are your thoughts about the backpack and…


I stopped caring/purchasing what was on shirt.woot when they raised the prices and stopped selling shirts made in USA. I can find similar imported items elsewhere for less.


I wonder about the branching out and trying new things, but at what cost? Literally and figuratively of course.


Seems kinda pointless to me. I love the fact that there are old shirts for sale that I now have a chance to buy, but if you're going to sell a backpack that won't ship for over a week, you won't sell many, since many schools across America are either already back in or will be starting very soon. The iPad sleeves, I couldn't really care less about.


It seems kind of tacky and Cafe-Press-esque, but having not seen the product, I guess I can't judge.

I like my Jansport. Sometimes, I actually want to be like everyone else.


I am glad that they are offering more pull over hoodies and could care less on the lightweight hoodies ( I bought 2-3 before receiving the first one and I hate them). I have and like the totes but when they increased the price from $10 to $12, I had to draw the line on those. I do really like the design choices this week.


I will more than likely end up purchasing an iPad sleeve. I really like a lot of the designs available, but since my iPad is a work thing, I need one that's a bit more... Professional.

Something is telling me walking into a meeting with "the Binge" on my iPad sleeve wouldn't look professional.


@wadekind: If you're looking straight at the t-shirt as a commodity aspect, yes, that you can that find elsewhere for cheaper. If you're looking at the art aspect, then no.

@xarous: To elaborate to those who don't know, one cost is the QC. My GF laughed at how skewed the print was in the post @neuropsychosocial linked in my Why I still <3 Woot discussion. So I finally looked ... and then I laughed too, all while shaking my head. Being the number nerd that I am, I straightened Condition: Fleshwound out to horizontal and by triangulating the image, the delta across the top is 81/517 pixels, for a tangent of .1567; inversed, it means the print was skewed 8.9 degrees. I really hope that the issues are being corrected as @thunderthighs subsequently noted, as it's a straight up shirt.woot issue.


As for the offering of the new products in the side sale, I can't help but to feel that shirt.woot is trying to be more like Threadless. Only if you're going to mimic them, then perhaps mimic them in other ways first ... like addressing the core product (t-shirts). Earlier this year, Threadless pulled 40,000 of their previous shirts because they sucked. Imagine that - NOT shipping out products that are known to be crappy. FWIW, many of their recent prints are on Canvas 3001u blanks (Made in the USA).


Meh. Nothing I need on there. Clever design choices, though.