questionshave you ever used


Their Reseller Rating shows them to be pretty good, but I've never personally used them.


It's owned by a company in Arizona, registered through Go Daddy. It's been around since 2008.

It might be legit? Here is the WhoIs info. It's clearly not a site that's been thrown together in the last couple months.

I don't know how helpful that all is, but I'm sure others will have insight/ other info dug up on the site.

EDIT: @captainsuperdawg: That was the other resource I wanted to check and couldn't remember. Bookmarked it now, thank you.


Buyer Beware!

I was reading through the resellerratings reviews, and this website definitely uses bait-and-switch practices. I also checked and which confirmed it. What is even more upsetting is some resellerratings reviews are positive reviews, even though the user is describing being baited in and switched. Also, there are companies that sell a service of giving positive ratings on these websites, so I don't buy half of the 1 sentence 5-star reviews that all seem to come in a 1 week span.

I also checked the web caches of their doman, it seems their company has been getting older and younger. Back in 2009 they claimed to have been founded in 1994, last year they claimed 2001, now they claim 1999, but in the about section the claim 2002. That in itself is fishy.

Order from them if you wish, but if they call to "confirm your order" and start saying that they're out of something, and try to sell you something else, back out immediately!


Has anybody here actually shopped with them?


I've never heard of them until you asked your question, but it sure seems like @eraten has done some in-depth investigation.