questionswho has a pair of vibrams?


i can't give you personal reference, but i have 3 co-workers who SWEAR by the things. They LOVE them.

Let me clarify. They love them so much, they would leave their spouses if the spouse said "It's me or the Vibrams." Take that as you will lol


I have the KSO, and the TREK vibrams, and love them.

I wouldn't leave my wife over them, but they are very good. I had sports related knee injuries since college, and had to cut back on running the past few years as i've aged, because my knees couldn't keep up. 5 miles of running would lead to 5 days of knee pain.

A few things:

there IS an adjustment. you pretty much have to re-learn how to run in these. Your natural jogging/running gait is a mostly heels-up approach. you run on your ball and toes. Sneakers force you into a heels down approach, and thats what pretty much all of us know.

Its odd at first, but once you get used to it you realize there is a lot less wasted motion. A barefoot gait also forces you into correct posture while running, so if you're like many who gets lower back pain from running its because of your posture.

i didn't like the sprints - the open foot design dug into my skin in the forefoot.. i preferred the full uppers of the KSO, personally.


ALSO - don't just order them online... even if you know your euro size. you need to actually try them on. The sizing chart conversion isn't reflective of how these things are sized... they wear differently from shoes.


@goatcrapp: @smtatertot13:

Thank you so much for your input - I've thought about getting the KSO, that will probably be my next pair if I like them. I'm looking towards an open feel which makes me lean towards the classic or the sprint, I went to a shoe store to try them on and liked the sprint so far. They had to order my size however so it's still up in the air (i can return them :D)


My buddy always wore a pair when we went hiking. They are ugly as hell, but he loved them. He had 1 gripe about them ...but I can't remember what it was. I want to say it was something about when they are wet?


I have a pair of KSOs. I wouldn't recommend buying any style of Vibrams, because you eventually have to put on regular shoes to go to the office, and then you are miserable, because you aren't wearing Vibrams anymore. Ignorance is bliss.


@dcalotta: such is the luxury of being a college student - I could wear pajamas to class if I wanted... ;D


@dcalotta: agreed...I have often debated getting a pair, but I’m either at work where closed toe shoes are a must or refereeing soccer where it wouldn’t be considered appropriate for the uniform. So it doesn't really pan out for me to buy awesome shoes I won't wear that often...


I have over a dozen pairs... for... color coordination... yeah! But seriously, I love mine, and, in fact, I am wearing my VFF Speeds as I type this at work. I try to wear them whenever I can. They can take a while to get used to, esp. if you are of the larger persuasion as I am. I'd say it took about 1 year to be completely comfortable to wear all day, esp. when standing a lot. I'm not a huge fan of the Classic style, as I can't stand the elastic, as I have a lot of veins on my feet, and the elastic digs in. I prefer KSO styles, esp. the Trek and Trek Sport, as they have the thicker bottom to protect from stones and such. The Bikila models are good too, but are harder to put on, as they have no stretch in the top. Best advice, find a store that sells them locally, get sized and try them on:


Have 2 pair. KSOs for summer and KSO Treks for colder weather. I am far too old and smart to actually run anymore. I wear them as everyday shoes (even at the office). They make me walk differently (especially on hard surfaces) so I notice significantly less lower leg and joint pain. When I occasionally go back to regular shoes (deep snow!) I notice the difference after a couple of days.

Also wearing these will NOT get you excused from jury duty. I tried...


I now own a near perfectly fitting (the heel is a little loose, but the size below scrunched my toes) black/black sprint VFF.

Now, does anyone have any advice on how your feet change after wearing them - I know to take it slow and stuff, but I've heard about muscle growth because it works muscles that shoes do not allow - is this true?


I haven't noticed anything more than my feet feel a little... wide, when I go back to normal shoes. Ten minutes later, and all feels normal. Don't worry about it.


I have the Komodo Sport and I used the Vibram sizing thing at the store and it was still not right for me, they were about 2 sizes off. I have been running in these for about 2 months now and now if I run in my Nike running shoes, it feels like a have cinder blocks on my feet. I cannot go back to tennis shoes for running again. They forced me to run on the toe area instead of heel and I actually improved my running speed by a lot. Word of caution, your calves will feel like they are going to explode for the first month. I still get sore calves the next day after running. I was told by a lot of people that if you have feet issues, don't buy them, but I have to say that I have plantar fasciitis in my right foot and although my heel hurts a little the next day, I haven't had any other issues.